What is a Summary of Qualifications?

A summary of qualifications is usually used to replace the objective portion of a resume. It is a summary of your accomplishments, experience, abilities, and skills that are relevant to the position that you are applying for – account executive resume or executive secretary resume. It is a segment of your resume that you can list your strengths and edge over the other applicants which is easy to read. Writing a summary of qualifications is a great and simple way of getting an interview for your target job position. Here are the reasons why it is a vital component of a job application:

It provides a fresh and unique touch to your resume.

A qualification summary is not a common part of a resume. Because of this, it will give a fresh look to your very own resume. It is so simple that a lot of applicants neglect to use them. There are some applicants that never heard of this and so knowing about utilizing a list of qualifications give you the advantage over them.

It can be used as a compelling introduction.

It captures an application officer’s attention immediately. There is no denying that, if done correctly, it delivers a gripping effect to a reader’s interest. It is a list of your greatest accomplishments and strengths that is totally relevant to the open job description. It is a course outline of your total personality and qualification but the rest of your resume will take care of the details. The important thing is that it will give an application officer something to anticipate and therefore heighten the interest on your resume and your whole application.

How to Write A Summary of Qualifications

Step 1: Brain Storming

Think about all the skills, abilities and attributes that you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Do some research on the job description you are targeting so that you can weed out the unnecessary things from your list. Write as many as you can at first then start removing attributes, qualifications and skills that are irrelevant. Ask a person who knows you very well, like a colleague or a faculty, to help you out in the brain storming because they may suggest qualifications that you may miss.

Step 2: Summarized Experience

Be sure that the things that you write in your statement of qualifications are supported by your resume and other supporting documents. Make sure that your job or academic information reflects the qualities that are listed in the qualification summary segment of your resume. If you include entries in your list that are not supported or false, your application will suffer and you can say goodbye to your chance of getting hired.


Step 3. Checking the Summary of Qualifications

A three or five bullet summary of qualification is very effective as long as it accurately and clearly shows your qualifications well. Make sure to add the final touches to make this segment really count. There are times that application officers only read this segment. If it is poorly done, there is a big chance that a committee would just set aside your whole resume. You should make it a point to make it reflect yourself as a great candidate for the job. As you gain more job experience, skills, attributes, and other qualifications, make sure that you also update the list of qualifications to keep your resume competitive.

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