Majority of companies and academic institutions require the submission of motivational statements among other written requirements. Whether you are seeking admission to specialized programs such as the Navy, your motivation statement can make a huge difference on influencing your readers and attaining success in your application.

Here are simple steps on how to write a motivation statement:

  1. A Navy motivational statement should be able to discuss reasons on why you wish to pursue career in the armed forces. Include also your academic and personal achievements, skills and strengths that can be beneficial to your desired position.
  2. An Americorps motivational statement should be well written. Aside from quality content of your motivational statement Americorps, this must adhere to top standards in terms of grammar, spelling, format and structure.
  3. Motivational statement Navy should be written based on your emotions and why you feel you are a great addition to the program. When writing your Navy motivational statement, stray away from negativity but focus on how you overcome any struggles you have encountered.
  4. The main purpose of a motivational statement Americorps is to evaluate your desire to truly become a Navy office.  You should be able to discuss your commitment and dedication towards accomplishing the program. More than anything the admission committee will be seeking for candidates that are in it for the long haul.
  5. Your Americorps motivational statement should include experiences and personal events that helped shaped your core values and personality. Motivational statement Navy must be original; never plagiarize any part of your statement as this could compromise your admission.
  6. Make sure that you adhere to application and submission rules such as format, structure and word count. There are also available expert writing help if you do not know how to write a motivation statement.
  7. If you do not know how to write a motivation statement, always seek professional help. There are writing companies that can provide you necessary help if you lack the knowledge and expertise how to write a motivation statement.

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