When you’re sending a resume to resume writing service for free evaluation, you are expecting to receive professional feedback that will help you to improve your resume further. Review a sample of how one of our Resume Writing Service experts may check your resume and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time!

I’ve reviewed your resume and have some suggestions, ideas, and thoughts I think will help make your resume more effective.

Please don’t take anything I might say about your resume personally. My aim is to find out what needs to be improved with your resume and how to make it better, not to give you a big pat on the back and tell you everything is fine. That would be no help at all to you. Just remember that I’m critiquing words on a piece of paper, not you or your skills, abilities, and talents. It’s my intention to find ways on how to turn those words into a document that showcases your skills, abilities, and talents so that you can land the position you want.

So, here it goes:

  • I think you have marketable experience and background but your resume needs attention in the areas of content, format, focus, structure, and presentation in order to present your experiences effectively.
  • Visually, the resume looks a little ordinary and more of a report. You may want your resume to look conservative yet using varying font sizes and avoiding the table forms can aid to make your resume look more alive and inviting to read.
  • In your work experience section, your experiences don’t seem to stand out. I suggest rewriting of the duties and responsibilities to give more details and present use of skills.
  • All of the statements for your previous positions should be written in the past tense.
  • The personal details such as date of birth, marital status, sex, and nationality should be omitted and information on education should be added.
  • The professional summary portion can still be improved by using a paragraph format to showcase your expertise and qualifications for your target position.

To give you an overview on how your resume will be further improved, here are just a few of my improvement plans:

  • Edit, reorganize, and reformat the whole content.
  • Put emphasis in the coherence and organization of the executive summary by fusing together and rewriting the information found under executive profile and summary of qualifications.
  • The professional section will also be improved through editing and rewriting of each responsibility per work history.

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