Executive summary is one important part in a resume and many jobseekers failed to see the essence of it. Some hiring managers, they directly read the executive summary as it sum up of everything. So, if your executive summary poor, then most likely, hiring managers are not going to go for you. On the other hand, if the summary is professionally written, you can expect a call for an interview.

What Is an Executive Summary?

To describe, an executive summary is the statement that emphasizes your experiences, accomplishments and personal values. From that summary, employers will have a hint of who you are and if what you have to offer is of use to the company.

An executive summary is the opening of your resume. And should be kept short, straightforward and concise that in a few sentences, employers can already find a lot about you.

How It Should Look

In writing an executive summary, ensure that it goes with the objectives and goals of the company that you are applying for.

Personalized it which means describe yourself and not your neighbor. It is your strength and skills that matters and not theirs even if you think that their better than you. However, whatever you write, you must have something that proves it.

Write it legibly and must be readable. In about 5 to 10 sentences, describe yourself but edit and edit it until it is well – summarized. But before  you start writing it, focus and evaluate yourself first and put in into words. Also, you can ask your peers to describe you so that you will be aware of who you are in the eyes of others as sometimes, it can add to your strength.

Lastly, since it is already a summary, don’t make it long. Around 4 – 6 sentences is advisable.

Just a tip: Don’t get overwhelmed with words and go way overboard. An executive summary is not designed to be long. It just needs to be short yet it says all. With that as a start, hiring managers will surely read the whole resume.

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