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Richdale Dejito has been professionally writing resumes for the over 5 years now.  Prior to her resume writing career, she worked in Human Resources / Recruitment, Executive Support Services, Customer Service, and Market Research, among others.

Having had the opportunity of working in both the operations and administration departments of her former employments, Richdale developed a strong understanding of what organizations expect from employees and vice versa.  On the other hand, her work in the area of Human Resources involved all facets of recruitment and training activities.  As a business-driven HR professional, she did not only support organizational goals or strategies but worked in aligning the organization to achieve them.  Her experience in various Human Resource functions enriched her skills in developing resumes that truly speak of an applicant’s marketability to potential employers.  By working closely with her clients, she is able to craft resumes that are targeted to her client’s needs and specific career goals.

Richdale never thought she’d consider writing as a career but every time her clients are happy with the way their resumes turned out, she feels fulfilled and this further motivates her to write and help other people.  Apart from writing, Richdale also teaches basic computer and internet technologies.  When not at her desk, she takes a breather driving around the countryside or head to the mountains or the beach to unwind.

Richdale completed her Bachelor of Business Administration Major in Management degree with specialization in Human Resource Management (selection, assessment, training, employment and labor laws, etc.) in 2002.

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