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Genise Caruso, CPRW

As a talented Certified Professional Resume Writer, I have composed resumes, cover letters, career management articles, and more, for individuals and firms worldwide. I’m not just another one of those anonymous resume writers, who writes on behalf of businesses, and never interacts with the client. Instead, I provide comprehensive, one-on-one service, exceptional and unique to each individual’s particular needs.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) it is my objective to produce high-impact, pro-active resumes that market my clients’ most valuable skills, making them stand out from the crowd. By integrating their most marketable elements, along with education, relevant work history, recognition and any quantitative achievements, I can optimize my clients’ strongest attributes, and get their foot in some tightly closed doors.

A love of learning, and need to express myself through the written word, set me off on a quest back to school, and journey into the classrooms of virtual education.  I graduated with a BS in Professional and Technical Writing, and transitioned from a person who loves to write, into a true writer. While there was no doubt my area of expertise was non-fiction, I had yet to discover my niche.

Shortly thereafter, the means to become a Certified Professional Resume Writer fell into my lap. It wasn’t something I ever considered doing, but as they say, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!” So, I took and passed the CPRW exam, and began my career as a professional resume writer.

Since becoming certified, I have produced resumes for individuals in a wide-range of industries, including Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, HR, Engineering, R & D, and many others, from the highest executive positions, such as CEO, CFO, COO, President, VP, Account Executive, Executive Director, etc, in addition to all types of professionals and management situation. I’ve had clients who were changing careers, returning to the workforce after substantial departures, recent graduates with little practical experience, and mature adults, worried about age discrimination.  Possibly, the most interesting and exceptional resumes I wrote, were for people outside the USA, including Canada, UK, China, Indonesia, Israel, Australia, India, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, and Singapore. In fact, a client from Singapore led to a relationship with a Career Management, Job Search and HR Consulting firm, based in Singapore, where I wrote resumes and have approximately 8 articles, published on their website.

Working for Resume Writing Service is a refreshing change, as most firms don’t ever allow the writer and client to communicate with each other, one-on-one. Resume Writing Service, on the other hand, has confidence not only in my writing abilities, but enough trust and assurance in me to know I will get the job done, and assist all clients in a professional, yet friendly manner. Once Resume Writing Service gets your request for a resume, and hands it over for me to write, all subsequent interactions will be exclusively between you and me. My goal is to provide you with a high quality, customized product that exceeds your greatest expectations, and make you shine!

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