Ah, objective of financial statement’s. We either love them or hate – and most of is hate them. In the recruitment world, though, objective statements are becoming more popular, and they’re especially popular in the world of finance. We all hate writing them, because they’re time consuming, stressful, and completely unpleasant, but without them, our resume’s just don’t carry as much weight as they could.

Your objective of financials statement is like a selling device; it’s a piece of self-advertising that comes at the top of your resume and which sets the tone. If it’s awesome, the hiring manager will be convinced to read on. If it’s boring, the hiring manager will instead be mighty tempted to dump it in the big fat “no” pile without a second thought. For this reason, your objective of financial statement analysis has to be killer.

Don’t Skip It

objective of financial statementSome people will tell you there is no need to include an objective statement in your resume, whereas others will tell you there is every need. If you’re in two minds about including one, this conflicting advice is very troubling. It basically eats into your time because, instead of actually getting something done, you’re tossing up whether you should do it or not. You’re wasting time.

Our advice is to just take the bull by the horns and write up an objective statement. A resume with a killer objective statement of financial statement analysis is much stronger than one without it.

Always Bear in Mind The Company

One of the problems a lot of people have when writing their objective statement is that they believe they can simply reuse the same one over and over. After all, if it worked first time around, it’s surely going to work the second time round too, right?


An objective statement has to be targeting a specific company and their culture. For example, if they’re looking for specific skills, you need to include them in this statement. If you include other skills that they’re not prioritising, you’re not going to be the right candidate.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Your Objective of Financial Statement

objective of financial statementNaturally, your administrative assistant objective statement is important. But it isn’t so important that you spend so much time on it that you completely neglect the rest of your resume. It’s only 2 sentences long, and you don’t want to over-complicate matters by stressing over it for days on end.

Short and Sweet

Your objective statement should not be any longer than 2 sentences. Ideally, anyway. We recommend 3 at the absolute most, but in all honesty you should be able to say everything that needs saying in just 2 sentences.

Your statement is a very brief summary, and it sits at the top of your resume. Think of it like a tag-line for a movie: It has to be able to entice the reader, draw them in and leave them begging for more. If you say too much, you’re giving way too much away too early. Moreover, you also might end up boring the reader.

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