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Graduate Student Research Assistant Resume Sample

student research assistantYou Need a Good Graduate Student Research Assistant Resume to Land Your Job

If you are applying for a student research assistant position you will need to ensure that your resume is written in a way that is going to clearly show the recruiter that you fully meet their expectations. Doing this, however, is not easy as most recruiters will only quickly scan your resume and if what they are looking for does not leap off the page and grab them then you will not be selected for an interview. So if you want to gain an interview for that graduate student research assistant post you will need to invest significant effort into ensuring that your resume is perfect.

How to Write Your Student Research Assistant Resume

Your resume for student research assistant or graduate research assistant resume needs to be tailored specifically to the job that you are applying to rather than just being a generic document that you will send to every job that you see. The better it is tailored the more likely that the recruiter will quickly see that you meet their requirements and will call you for an interview. The following tips will help you to write that engaging student research assistant resume:

  • Stick to a maximum of 2 pages for your resume
  • Use an easy to read 12pt font, do not use flowery or fancy scripts
  • Do not overuse formatting on your resume
  • Do not use any form of decoration
  • Use white space prior to different sections to draw the recruiter’s eye
  • Ensure that the skills and experience they are looking for appear first in each section
  • Do not clutter your resume with information that is not relevant to this application
  • Use language that is easily understood but avoid slang and acronyms
  • Proofread your resume to eliminate all errors

Our Sample Student Research Assistant Resume Can Help You

Another way to help you to understand how to write the best research assistant resume is to look at a student research assistant or a volunteer research assistant resume sample. Example resumes can be a perfect way to see how your resume should be formatted and what sort of information you should include. Never however just copy a sample student research assistant resume as it will not reflect your skills and it will not be tailored to the specific job that you have applied to.

graduate research assistant resume

We Can Write Your Resume for Student Research Assistant Applications

If you want to boost your chances of being selected for an interview having your resume professionally written by one of our highly qualified and experienced writers will help. Our writers hold PhD or Masters degrees and have many years of experience in writing research assistant resumes. Our specialized services also provide:

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If you need help with your student research assistant application just contact our experts for your research assistant resume.

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