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Resume Writing Service is your first adviser in every question connected with any step of resume writing process. Our professional resume writers are always glad to share their experience and give you  a wise advice.  Just send us your current resume, and resume critique won’t keep you waiting! Check one of resume evaluation samples:

I’ve reviewed your resume and have some ideas and suggestions that I think will help make your resume more effective.

Please remember that I’m critiquing words on a piece of paper, not you or your skills. It’s my intention to find ways on how to turn those words into a document that showcases your skills, abilities, and talents so that you can land the position you want.

So, here it goes:

  • It seems that you have a marketable experience and skills but your resume needs attention in the areas of format, content, structure, and presentation in order to present your experiences effectively. I think the resume would have more impact if a professional resume format would be applied with header, qualifications section, and proper arrangement will be followed.
  • In your work experience section, you’ve listed the important details yet it would have more impact if a brief description or your responsibilities and accomplishments would be included.
  • The educational qualifications section lacks information on the University name, location, and degree or course taken.

To give you an overview on how your resume will be further improved, here are just a few of my improvement plans:

  •  Edit, reorganize, and reformat the whole content. An organized professional format with Header can aid to make your resume look more inviting to read.
  • To add a qualifications section after the header highlighting your skills and experiences based on the content from the work experiences section.
  • The work experience section will also be improved through rewriting and reformatting of the contents as well as adding important information regarding your job responsibilities and/or accomplishments.

Are you open to suggestions? Don’t you afraid to get an honest feedback? Then Resume Writing Service free resume critique is for you! Broaden your employment horizons!