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Earn Recommending Us

With the dawn of social media services, they are many opportunities for individuals to advertise or earn a commission based on online referrals. However, many sites which offer this kind of opportunity are elaborate scams designed to provide an incentive and then disappear after getting your credit card details. We at Resume Writing Service would like to offer you a safe and secure opportunity to help us expand our services and grow! We are a company with many years of experience and seeking to constantly expand our client base. You can help us do this!

Refer us to a friend and get paid now!

If you already have an order with us, if you plan on ordering our services or have ordered and are satisfied with your final product – recommend us to friends and family today! Based on your recommendation, you will help us expand and we will help you save!

Take advantage of this offer and enjoy future discounts as well as immediate savings. The process is simple. When referring us to family or friends, send them your personally assigned discount code. By using this code, they get an immediate 21% discount on our services. When they place an order, you will immediately receive 11% of the total order cost!

For example, when ordering a service from our website, you will receive a special discount code. If you want to refer our services in the future, the process will work as the following:

  • you provide your friend with the information about our services or post it on your blog online and specify your discount code
  • your referral comes to our website and wants to order a service worth $100
  • your referral specifies the discount code when ordering
  • the price for your referral automatically becomes: $100 – 21% = $79
  • after the order is placed, you get a commission of 11% from the $79 paid by your referral, which is equal to about $8.69

The more people you refer to us with your special discount code, the more savings you will enjoy!

If you refer 10 people or 10 blog readers to our services and they use your code this will earn you $87. (Based on an order service costing $100)

If the products they buy are more than $100 (our average order total is $140), your $87 become $121!

Referral Program FAQ

Q: How do I get my code?

A: Mail to Resume Writing Service Support E-mail and tell us you need a special discount code for referrals. You will get one within 1 work day

Q: What if someone learns my code?

A: Lucky you! If that someone tells other people about such a code, you will continue to receive the commission based on it.

Q: I already brought you 5 new clients. Can I get a bigger commission?

A: Yes. Your commission can become bigger depending on the number of clients you refer to us!

Q: How do I track the orders made with my discount code?

A: You do not have to. We will mail you every time we receive an order comes with your discount code!

Q: How will you pay me out?

A: Payment with a credit card is the most convenient for us. However, other options are also available. Contact us if you prefer an alternative payment method.

Q: When will my first payment come?

A: 14 days after an order is completed we will pay you the commission. (Note: A completed order is one which no refunds have been requested)

Q: I still have questions. How do I ask them?

A: Please fill our our Contact Us form and your questions will be answered as soon as possible!

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