Okay, here’s the deal. You work in sales so you know how to sell. Perhaps you’ve sold a few cars down the years, or perhaps you’re a whizz at hard-sell to businesses. Perhaps you’re known in your local business circles as the “King or Queen of Sales.” We get the picture – you’re awesome.

But, for whatever reason, and despite all your experience in sales, you’re really struggling to nail your objective statement for sales resume. You’re absolutely brilliant at selling products, and you’re dynamite at increasing revenue, but you just cannot sell yourself on paper. You literally have to write two sentences about yourself but all you’ve got are two words, and you’re unsure about either.

Self-advertising is difficult. All the top guys and girls in sales admit this. They admit that, despite being wizards at work, when it comes to writing their own objective statement for nursing or sales resume, they freeze. They just can’t do it.


Keep It Short

A long objective statement for sales resume is boring. You know from your experience in sales that people baulk when they’re given something long to read. Their time is short, and so they don’t want to waste it reading huge, chunky paragraphs of information.

Hiring managers are the same. They want a sales resume objective statement that is two sentences long at most. They don’t want your life story, they just want a summary.

Introduce Yourself

But do it briefly. Don’t tell them your marital status or whether or not you have any pets. They don’t care. They want to know your name and what you currently do for a living. If you don’t work, say that you’re a graduate (if you are one).

Showcase Your Skills

But again only briefly. And these skills must be relevant to the position you’re applying for. For example, if you’re got marketing skills, say that your skills will strengthen the company.

Check Out Sales Resume Objective Statement Examples

If you’re really struggling to write your own objective statement for sales resume, you should take a look at some examples on the Internet, which will help to give you a clearer idea of what you need to do.


Spend Too Much Time on It

Whilst your objective statement is important, it isn’t so important that you spend so much time on it that you end up neglecting everything else. Spend some time on it but don’t overdo it so that the rest of your resume suffers.

Make It Incomplete

A good sales resume objective statement should be no more than two sentences, but at the same time it should not be incomplete. If you’ve got your two sentences and they look incomplete, you should either rearrange the words, or add in a third sentence.

Neglect It

There are people who say that an objective statement is unimportant and that recruiters don’t even care about them.

But some do. Added to this, an objective statement can be a very effective way of convincing the hiring manager to read on.

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