strength and weakness in CVMost people aren’t willing to talk about their weaknesses especially when applying for a job. Many of them think that it’s a stupid move to mention their weaknesses for they might turn off the employer. For most applicants, it’s such a big challenge to mention of their bad points or those things that they might as well choose to keep. However, everyone has his strength and weakness in CV. Writing down your strengths and weaknesses will become a big challenge if you’re thinking that your weaknesses will lessen your chances to land a job. For this problem, there are tips that your Resume Writing Service would like to tell you if you want to mention your strengths and weaknesses in the most effective way.

Resume Writing Services: Describing Strengths Tips

  1. Know your strengths and present them from the most significant to the least. This will help you divide your strengths into categories.
  2. Highlight your knowledge.
  3. Mention your transferable skills such as people and communication skills, and planning skills.
  4. Write your personal characteristics such as flexibility, hard working, dependable, and others.

Resume Writers: Describing Strength and Weakness in CV Tips

  1. Mention your weaknesses with confidence.
  2. List down ways on how you handle or manage your weaknesses. As you see, there is really nothing wrong with writing your weaknesses as long as you know how to make those positive. You can also mention how you can improve those weaknesses. Perhaps, there is always a room for improvement.
  3. Usually, the employer is looking for someone who knows how to handle himself despite his weakness. As mentioned, you can highlight ways to improve your weaknesses in your resume.

There you have the ways on how you can make resume writing easier even by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Never think of your weaknesses as a liability. Perhaps, it can show the potential employer how you handle pressure and how you manage your flaws.

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