There many jobs waiting for Certified Public Accountant or commonly termed as CPA. Actually, this position is in demand in most companies. What is a CPA, what does him or she do? What is his relevance to a company?

The title CPA is very elegant and majestic since only the people who passed the Uniform Certified Accountant Examination can be called as such. Meaning, people with this title can be coined as qualified individuals to do accounting.

Who Needs a CPA Resume?

There are many jobs for a CPA individual. First and foremost, all companies need accounting—stating the obvious: every business includes money. CPA can also audit the fund of the company. Here are some of the finance fields where they can have a job: assurance services, estate planning, financial analysis, forensic accounting, income tax, management consulting and many more. In short, if you are a CPA, there can never be a shortage of job vacancies for you.

However, even though there are many careers for you, still you need to sell yourself to the company—in here that the important of resume writing enters the scene. Writing a resume for a CPA and a finance guy hopeful is very crucial because the employer and their hiring officers need individuals who are trustworthy and will not exploit their money (sometimes, when it comes to money, people tend to be very conscious).

Hints on CPA Resume Writing

  1. In writing such a resume as a CPA, you need to include of course your exam—all of its notable points.
  2. When you are CV writing as a CPA, you should definitely include your qualifications. You need to impress the employers that aside from your title, you have proofs of your qualification such as certificates and titles assumed.
  3. In CV writing as a CPA, you should also include your achievements as an accounting student or as an individual preparing for the exam. Your achievements will support your claims in your qualification. This is to tell the employer that you are not joking when you say you are qualified.
  4. In writing a CPA CV, you should always mention notable finance institution—their names will give irresistible fragrance in your resume.

Turn to Professionals in CPA Resume Writing

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