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Applying for the first job is always a bit intimidating, especially if you aren’t sure in your resume. But with Resume Writing Service you won’t have these doubts! Send us your current entry level resume and our professional resume writers will indicate its weak sides. Here is a sample of our feedback on your resume critique request:

After careful review of your resume, here are some points that I’ve noted:

  • The resume contains all the necessary information but whole formatting of the content needs improvement
  • Inconsistencies with verb tenses particularly in the work experience section; date and formatting also needs to be consistent
  • The headings and contents for the subsections are mixed such as Education, Key skills and executive profile

To give you an overview on how your resume will be further improved, here are just a few of my improvement plans:

  • Edit, reorganize, and reformat the whole content
  • Put emphasis in the coherence and organization of the executive summary by rewriting the content and adding areas of competency
  • The professional section will also be improved through editing and rewriting of each responsibility per work history as well as reformatting of the contents and dates.

Don’t hesitate and make your first step to the resume that stands out! Send a resume critique request to Resume Writing Service!