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Best Resume Writing Services 2019: Choose the Best One or Write by Yourself

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Why Would You Want to Work with Resume Companies?

Despite the fact, there are 6.4 million job seekers looking for a job and more than 6.7 million openings for employment in the US it can still be hard to get that next role. Many professional jobs will attract 200 or more resumes and the recruiter will be looking to cut that number down quickly to just a few applicants to interview. You will need to use the best resume writing service 2019 to ensure that your resume makes your application stand out from your competition.

The whole point of your resume is to clearly show that you have everything that the recruiter is looking for so that you will be invited for an interview. This does not mean that it will tell your whole life and working history. Too much information in your resume will simply obscure the information that the recruiter is looking for from each of the candidates.

A typical recruiter spends only a few seconds reviewing each resume for the role. If they do not spot the precise information that they are looking for in those few seconds your resume is going straight into the no thanks pile. So unless you fully understand how the recruiter works it can be very difficult to get your resume shortlisted. This is why using the top rated resume writing services can be so important.

The top professional resume writing services can give candidates a real edge over their competition. They fully understand new resume trends and can match you with an expert in the field of your application to ensure that your resume will perfectly reflect what the recruiter wants to see.
However, finding the best resume service to work with can be a real gamble if you just rely on the results fed to you by Google and the other search engines. There are many services that will provide you with poorly written resumes that are simply not going to get you the results that you are looking for. This is why we are providing you with our resume writers reviews.

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The Top 5 Resume Writing Services

The following resume writing service reviews cover those services that we feel are the best that you will find online. Whether you are looking for the best resume editing services or need help with your writing we outline how they work and can help you and provide you with some of the pros and cons of using their support:

ResumeWritingService.biz best resume writing services 2019

If you are looking for the best affordable resume writing services then this should be your first port of call. They offer a similar level of service as some of the bigger more well-known services but without the huge price tag. They provide a full range of resume writing help that can support you with applications across the board. They have been around since 2009 so they must be doing something right to have survived this long.

Their writers are carefully selected to ensure that you will always be working with someone that truly knows what they are doing. They will pair you with a writer that will be experienced not only in the type of resume that you need but also in the role and industry to ensure that they fully understand what the expectations are.

Easy to Use

Their working process is also very simple:

  • Complete their order form. This asks for a minimal amount of information and they assure their clients that information is secure and confidential.
  • Pay for your service. Their pricing is highly affordable and clearly listed on their order page so you can see exactly what you will be asked to pay. They also offer some well-priced packages if you need additional documents such as covering letters.
  • Work with your writer. This is where this service gives you real benefits, you will work directly with the writer to ensure that your resume will truly reflect what you have to offer.
  • Review your draft. This is not a “take it or leave it” exercise, you will be able to review what has been created and can ask for as many revisions as you want.
  • Your final resume is checked with care. All of their resume writing services are provided with free proofreading so that you can be sure it is without errors when you send it.
Beneficial Support

This service is quick with standard orders being completed within just 5 days. However, if you need your resume written in a hurry then you can get it within as little as 24 hours for a premium payment. In addition to always delivering your work on time they also provide you with all of these advantages:

  • Around the clock support. You can talk to their staff directly at any time.
  • Unlimited revisions. They want your resume to be precisely what you are looking for.
  • Full understanding of ATS. They will ensure that your resume will pass to the recruiter.
  • Top quality writers. All are experts with native level English language skills.
  • Money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you get when you can get your money back.

Monster.com top rated resume writing services

There are few job hunters out there that will not have heard of Monster. It has been around now for 20 years and is mainly seen as job board where you will be able to search for jobs all around the world. They provide job postings in more than 30 countries and have many thousands posted there at all times. What some don’t realize however is that they also offer a wide range of resume writing services.

Lots of Advice

The site provides a huge amount of information that is aimed at job hunters. It is well worth visiting the site simply to read through the information that they provide as it can help you with finding the perfect job for you as well as how to write your outstanding resume.

Levels of Resume Writing

The site offers you four basic packages for resume writing that are very reasonably priced:

  • For Fresher’s (up to 1 year experience)
  • New Professionals ( 1 to 4 years’ experience)
  • Mid-Career (4 to 8 years’ experience)
  • Senior Management (More than 8 years’ experience)

You can go for packages that cover purely resume writing through to including cover letters and upgrades to your LinkedIn profile. Services are delivered within 5 working days.

Site Lacking in Information

The site itself lacks any good information about the services that they provide and how they will work with you. They seem to just be interested in you clicking straight through to the checkout to make your purchase.

Some Poor Reviews

There are many reviews of the services that Monster offers on many independent sites. While it is often only those that are dissatisfied with the help that they receive that leave these reviews there does seem to be a high level of dissatisfaction with the help that many have received. While there are many that are happy this service does appear to be a little hit or miss so do proceed with a little care.

They do offer you a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and will rewrite your resume for you if you are not completely happy with what you have.


LiveCareer.com resume writers reviews

This service has been supporting job hunters since 2004 and is first and foremost a resume building platform. It offers you the opportunity to build a great looking resume using their step by step process. Their software system gives you a quick and easy way of putting together an exceptional resume that will get you noticed.

Resume Services Review and Writing

The service can not only help you with the writing software. They can also offer you a review of your current resume and a full writing service through their team of more than 200 expert writers.

US Based

If you go looking for the best resume writing services NYC you are likely to come across these guys as this is where they are headquartered. They also have offices in most other English speaking countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada. You will also find it simple to chat with their support as they can be reached online or directly through the phone.

Free Rewrites

The service does not have a full refund policy if you are not completely satisfied with the resume that has been written. It will, however, undertake to rewrite your resume for you again for free.

Cons of Using the Services

The main focus of the site is the provision of software and not the writing of resumes. As such the company is more aligned to that side of their business rather than looking after those that need their resumes written for them. However, that does not stop them from still providing some well-written resumes for their clients.

Fiverr.com best resume service

Fiverr is a jobbing platform on which service providers are able to post what they provide for clients to then search through. These “Gigs” cover all sorts of different areas from short videos through to of course resume writing and editing.

Excellent Pricing

One of the biggest advantages of using Fiverr is the pricing structure. Gigs start at just $5 as the name of the site suggests. Prices can go higher than this and as high as $200 in some cases depending on what you are looking for. They can also offer you turnarounds of just 24 hours through those operating on the site.

Many to Choose From

If you search for resume writing services on the site you will find more than 2,000 offering help in this area. This means that you can search through to find someone that is truly matched to your own very specific requirements. Most will also offer you additional services such as cover letters for an additional payment.


When you use the service you will see that most services will have feedback and reviews. Some will have more than 1000 reviews from past clients as well as high numbers of stars, often 5 out of 5 or close. The problem is that you will also find Fiverr gigs offering to provide reviews for Fiver services even though they are not supposed to be allowed.

Many of the reviews that you will find will be false so you will need to proceed with care as there are unfortunately many scam services listed on the site. However, there are also ratings provided through the service itself and Fiverr does vet some of the services and will provide them “top rated seller” status.

Limited Writer Access

Unlike some other services where you will get to chat with your writer over the phone, this is not always possible through Fiverr which uses its own communication methods. So this can limit the effectiveness of the writing provided.

Limited Support

If you have a problem with your gig you can report it and go through their dispute process. However, this can be time-consuming and may not always get you the result that you need.

LinkedIn.com best resume writers

Almost every job hunter out there today has a LinkedIn profile. However, many do not realize that you can actually find help with writing your resume and even your LinkedIn profile itself through their “ProFinder” service.

How Does ProFinder Work?

ProFinder is the sites hiring board and will allow you to search for professionals in a large number of areas. The service is quick to use and the software takes you quickly through what you need to do to find a professional resume writer or editor.

Detail Your Requirements

You will be taken through a series of questions that will allow you to provide the site to find the right professional to work with. This covers everything from the industry that you work in through to your preferences as to how you want to work with the writer. By providing your zip code you may even be able to get proposals from local providers that you can meet face to face.

Free Proposals

They say that proposals can take 24 hours to arrive but often they will arrive in just a few minutes. You will receive up to 5 proposals. With the proposal, you should receive an outline of their pricing and other information. You will also be given a link to their profile allowing you to see who they are and what they do.

Remember, however, proposals that you receive in just a few minutes are likely to be just standard replies rather than tailored to what you are specifically looking for.

Choose Your Expert

Once you have your proposals it will then be down to you to work through the information that they provide and to interview them to see which you will work with. Ensure that you ask for information such as their website if they have one, portfolios and most importantly references.

Choosing your writer can be a time-consuming process through the site if you really want to find the right person to work with.

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How to Create the Best Resume Yourself

It is often best if you have written your resume yourself. After all, you will need to be fully familiar with what you have written when it comes to the interview. It will also help you to think carefully about the skills, accomplishments, and experience that you have to offer. The following tips will help you to approach the writing process for your resume:

  • Tailor the resume for the role. Never write a single resume and then send it to every job that you apply to without modifying it to better reflect the role. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” resume if you really want to get the attention of the recruiter. It must reflect just what they are looking for so that they do not have to search for information.
  • Carefully review the job requirements. Always read through and highlight the precise skills and other information that they are looking for. If you know the company review their website also to see what they value in their employees. Prioritize this information so that it will be reflected clearly in your resume.
  • Identify keywords. How do the recruiters describe the skills and experience that they are looking for? These need to be reflected in your resume using the same wording. Many recruiters will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for an initial review and if these keywords are missing from your resume then your application may not reach the actual recruiter.
  • Use a clear and clutter-free format for your resume. Have traditional headings for each section of your resume and keep things short and sweet. Use bullets to provide a maximum amount of information in a scannable format. Ensure that the most important things the recruiter wants to see appear first in the relevant section.
  • Check your resume with great care. Mistakes in your writing indicate to the recruiter that maybe you are not interested enough in the role. After all, if you were committed to gaining the job you would have taken the time to eliminate any mistakes.

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Write Your Resume in the Right Style

There are a few different ways that you can write your resume and you need to know what those styles are before you get to work. The following are the main different types of resume that you could write:

Chronological Resume

chronological resume format

The chronological resume is the one that most people start out with. It lists your roles in reverse chronological order, which is starting with the last job that you held or currently hold and going back in time from there.
So this form of resume usually shows a full list of your different jobs with a bullet list of your accomplishments within each role.

This is good for:
  • If you are applying for a role that is similar to one that you already or recently held.
  • Showing how you have progressed through your career.
  • Highlighting the fact that you have earned lots of promotions to get where you are today.
Not so good if:
  • If you are looking for a change in career.
  • If you have a lot of changes in a job in a short period of time.
  • If you have large gaps in your career history.

Functional Resume

functional resume format

If the chronological resume is not right for you then the functional resume could be the one that you need. Instead of focusing on the roles that you have, it highlights the specific skills, qualifications and other factors that will make you perfect for the role that you are applying to.

This is good for:
  • Applying to a job in a role that you have no experience within or a change in career.
  • To better highlight skills and talents that may be sought after by the recruiter.
  • To hide large gaps in your employment history.
Not so good if:
  • You don’t have the transferable and other skills that the recruiter is looking for.
  • If they will be looking for applicants with a clear upward trend in their career.
  • If you lack the experience that they are looking for.

This is often used by those applicants that are starting over or looking for a new career path. Often those that have expert level skills in their specific roles. However, it can be a red flag to some recruiters as they will assume that you are hiding something such as large career gaps.

Combination Resume

combination resume format

As the name suggests this style of resume will combine the best of both of the other types of resumes. Usually having a list of skills at the start of the resume and a chronological listing of your previous jobs towards the end with short descriptions.

This is good for:
  • If you are an expert in your role or subject and what to highlight those skills.
  • If you are looking to change your career path or move into a different industry.
Not so good if:
  • If you have a limited amount of experience and few skills to show off.
  • If you are a recent grad or looking for your first job.

If you have masses of experience within a particular field then this often the best form of resume to write. Especially if you are looking for a higher level position in your field.

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Resumes for Different Fields and Levels

Writing in different industries and also at different stages in your career needs to be done very differently. Approaching writing a “C level” resume as you would for a recent graduate would of course not help you to get the role that you want. The following are some things that you should consider when writing for different forms of applications:

Military Resumes

military resume format

If you have been working in the military and are looking to find a civilian job you may be surprised how hard it is to write a resume that will get you noticed. Much of the problem will be how you translate military terms for a civilian audience. The following need to be kept in mind:

  • Target your resume. Highlight the specific skills and qualifications that the role calls for, do not try to cover everything you can do.
  • Put everything into civilian terms. Do not use acronyms or military terms that the average civilian will not understand. You will need to translate what you have done into normal language. Often it is best to ask non-military friends to read through it and ask them if they understand it.
  • Keep things concise. Your finished resume should be just 1 or 2 pages.
  • Show what you have accomplished. If you have reduced training time, handled large budgets then state it and give figures where you can.

Entry Level Resumes

entry level resume format

If you are looking for your first ever job than like many others you will have little or no past experience to put on your resume. This can, of course, create challenges for writing your resume so you should consider the following:

  • Use a functional resume for your application and highlight the many transferable skills that you have. Transferable skills can be things such as team working or leadership.
  • Only show relevant experience. Don’t be tempted to include irrelevant information about anything purely to fill out your resume.
  • Expand on your education. Highlight specific classes and units that you may have taken that are relevant to your application.
  • Include the job title you are applying for within your own title. Even if you have no past or current job always include the title you are applying to as many companies will reject a resume through their ATS if it is not present.

Career Change Resumes

career change resume format

Moving into a new industry or role can be hard work as at first glance you may be unqualified to step into the new role. How you write your resume, therefore, is key to getting the attention of the recruiter and in many cases, it is best to seek out the support of good career change resume writing services. The following should be considered in your writing:

  • Use a functional resume. Highlight the specific skills that the new role calls for so that it is clear that you possess all of the specific skills expected for the role.
  • Show what you have achieved. Recruiters want people that can make things happen, so rather than listing your responsibilities show off your achievements.
  • Create a good covering letter. This is your opportunity to briefly spell out your reasons for wanting a change in direction as well as highlighting a few of the top reasons that make you qualified.

Legal Job Resumes

legal resume format

Getting a job in the legal field can be very difficult if you are looking to work with one of the better firms. Whether you are using legal resume writing services or writing your own the following will help you:

  • Always tailor to the resume to the position. Review the position and the company with care to ensure that you fully reflect what they want to see in your resume.
  • Take care where you place your education. If you received your education at a top law school or you have less than three years’ experience then always lead with your education on your resume rather than your work experience.
  • Highlight your successes. Make it clear what you have done and the size of the cases that you have worked on.
  • Keep things short and sweet. Your writing must be concise.

Federal Resumes

federal level resume format

Federal resume writers need to keep in mind that applying for a federal position can be very different to applying for something in the private sector. While a private sector resume may only be 1 to 2 pages a federal one could be 7 pages or more to cover everything that is asked for. Always:

  • Look at the vacancy announcement. This is the job posting and you must ensure that your resume will be tailored to reflect what they are looking for.
  • Understand the requirements for your resume. You will be provided very clear instructions as to how your resume should be written and what needs to be covered. Follow the instructions precisely.
  • KSA. Many will require you to provide KSA documentation along with your resume.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid within Your Resume

Whether you are using resume creation services or writing your resume yourself there are a few things that you really should avoid when you are creating your application. The following are the biggest mistakes that you could make and that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Not targeting the job you are applying to. The most important thing when you write your resume is to tailor the writing to the job. A one size fits all resume simply will not get you the results that you need. Never just send the same resume to every job that you will apply to, always ensure that it fully reflects what they are looking for.
  • No accomplishments. Far too many will simply list their responsibilities under each job. This is obvious from the job title and tells the reader nothing about how well you have performed in your role. Always provide clear lists of what you accomplished and if possible quantify those accomplishments with real numbers.
  • Not checking your writing. Almost every good resume writing service will provide you with free proofreading. The reason being that the quality of your writing really does count. Leaving mistakes in your resumes tells the recruiter that you did not care enough about the application to check the work.

How to Choose the Best Online Resume Service

Finding the best resume and cover letter services does not have to be difficult if you approach the task with care. Whether you are looking for entry level resume writing services or military resume writing services it is always best to search for the specific type of help that you need. There are many cheap resume writing services out there but it would always be best to work with those that fully understand the type of resume that you need.
So if you were looking for professional federal resume writing services you would need to consider all of the following about the service:

  • How does the site look? Most people can tell if a site appears professional or if it has been put together in a hurry.
  • How long have they been around and where are they based? If the site is based outside of English speaking countries and has been around for only a short time these should be warning signs.
  • How’s their English? Read through the text on the site, many of the less reliable services hire writers that can barely speak English and this can be reflected in the text on the site.
  • Excessive offers and discounts: a site that is “sell sell sell” can be an indication of a service that is more interested in getting your money than providing you with a good resume.
  • How are their reviews? Look at their testimonials and other on-site feedback. But also take a look at any unbiased reviews of the service on other sites.

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Why Should You Work with the Best Resume Writers?

Competition when applying for a job is fierce and producing a resume that will make you stand out to the recruiter is far from easy. Using executive resume writing services to support your writing can give you a significant advantage,

Good resume writer services provide you with access to a writer that will fully understand the application process. They will know what the recruiter is looking for within your resume as well as how to ensure that you will get through any ATS system that may be in place. By working with companies that write resumes you will be able to ensure that your resume will give you the best chance of success.

Use our reviews of the best resume writing services 2019 and tips to help you to be successful in your job hunting!

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