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Would You Need ATS Resume Writing Services?

resume writing for atsAs Audrey Hepburn once said, “Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.” This is very true when it comes to jobs; it is not every day that you will see a position advertised that is just right for you. When you do you will need to ensure that your ATS resume is written to perfection if you are going to get a good shot at getting an interview.

Over 90% of the fortune 500 companies will use what is known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter the applications that they receive as will more and more companies. Software such as that supplied by Taleo works by comparing the resume that you provide against set criteria that usually reflects what was written in the job description or advert. If your resume is an excellent match then your application will get passed on to the actual recruiter for review. If however the software does not consider your resume to be a match that will be the end of your chances to get an interview.

Companies use these ATS systems as often they will receive hundreds of applications for a single place, this system allows them to quickly identify the best matches without wasting the valuable time of the recruiter. Creating an ATS-friendly resume is not easy if you are not sure how the system works and this is where our specialized ATS resume writing services come in. We can help you to mold your resume so that it not only show you in your best light it will also get through the software that is going to scan your CV.

Important Things to Consider When Resume Writing for ATS

ats resume helpWriting a resume for ATS systems does not have to be difficult if you understand just how they work. The recruiter will tell the software what phrases and words that they are looking for. This can be job titles, qualifications, key skills and other information that they will usually have listed within the job advert. They will make a long list of what is expected to be seen within the resume that you submit and the software will then check to see if these keywords are present. These keywords can be weighted by importance as well as many other factors that allow the software to give a score to each resume. Only resumes that reach a particular score will then be passed on.

So it is important that you understand just what keywords that the recruiter will be looking for; often you can discover them simply by looking at the job advert. If you ensure that they are included within your resume in the right places then you have a good chance of getting through to the actual recruiter. It is therefore important that you reflect the exact wording of the job advert when you describe things like your skills and qualifications. Using unusual wording will cause you to be overlooked even if you actually have what they are looking for.

How Can We Provide Our ATS Resume Help?

ats resume writing servicesOur resume writers and editors know just how your application needs to be done to not only get through the ATS check but to also impress the recruiter when it reaches them. A good resume will quickly show the specific information that the recruiter wants to see making them quickly understand that you are a good match for their needs. This helps you to have a good chance of being selected for an interview.

Our specialists are all highly qualified with post graduate degrees and have many years of experience working within recruitment in your area. They can provide the support that you need tailored to your specific requirements. Through us you can get support with:

  • Writing your ATS friendly resume
  • Critique of your CV
  • Resume editing
  • Proofreading your resume
  • Identification of ATS keywords
  • Interview coaching

All of the support that we provide is always totally unique to you. A resume is not something that can be written in isolation or copied. It has to reflect your background, qualifications and skills and must be made to reflect what the recruiter and the ATS system will be looking for. To achieve this our experts will always work directly with you to get the best results.

Your initial draft is open to as many alterations as you feel may be required. Our experts will work with you making any changes you want until you are confident that your resume is ready for submission.

We Offer the Best ATS Resume Help

We provide the help that you need to get your resume placed under the nose of the recruiter. We can ensure that your resume is perfectly written and formatted with the right job keywords to give you the best chance of gaining an interview with your application. All work is done with you and to your expectations and our staff always aim to achieve your full satisfaction.

Everything that is provided is carefully proofread to avoid errors and tested for plagiarism to show that it is unique to you. We always deliver our work on time and your resume is covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Contact our specialists here today for ATS resume help that you can trust to deliver the help that you need to get your application seen.

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