ats friendly resume sampleThe job market is a jungle out there. With so many fresh graduates being released into the corporate world, the competition today is fiercer than it was a decade ago. In fact, many companies have opted to utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in order to single out the most suitable candidate. These systems have become so advanced today, that in some special cases, they are upgraded with Artificial Intelligence programs to make the selection process more accurate. And that is why your ATS resume has to be perfect in every single way.

So how does the ATS resume system work? Well, when a job is created by a company or a business, it is advertised either on the company’s website, or on online job-seeking boards. Job-seekers who meet the relevant criteria will then apply for the given job. The job-seekers will then be recorded in the ATS database and will thoroughly be screened to see if they meet the requirements. The company will further conduct subsequent interviews for two purposes; one is to pick out the most suitable candidates. The other is to eliminate candidates who met the requirements but do not have the character to blend in with the company’s work ethic.

As a reliable resume writing service provider, we have dedicated extensive research in comprehending how different ATS systems work. A majority of our clients always ask as this, “Are you sure you can make my resume ATS compatible?” And the answer is YES. We do so in the following ways.

Services We Offer for ATS Resume Writing

We have dedicated our time to developing cost-effective ATS friendly resume writing services as follows:

  • Resume writing: Resume writing is the core principle of our service provision because we understand that this is where majority of our clients suffer the most. Writing a killer resume that draws attention requires focus, patience, and a detail to attention for all the requirements needed by the company. It also requires consistent creativity, which our team of experienced writers has worked diligently to develop.
  • Resume editing: Perhaps you already have the ideas put to paper, but it somehow feels like there is something missing. You know, the application feels a little dry upon your first read. Maybe it could be that the content just doesn’t flow too well. In that case, you can access the superior editing skills of our ATS resume writers to turn it around. And submit a killer ATS review resume to the company of your choice!
  • Resume distribution: Having troubled accessing the ideal business, company or enterprise you would like to showcase your skills to? Then you can contact us to assist you on every aspect related to resume distribution
  • CV writing: Your CV is a detailed list of your academic pursuits, your work experience, your strengths, and lastly your hobbies. Our service team will develop a comprehensive CV with accurate chronological order of your academics and career.

Additional Services We Offer to Increase Your ATS Resume Success

resume experienced writersIn order to have a higher chance of success with your ATS resume, it is important that you build on your overall portfolio. Not just your resume is important if you want to land your dream job as soon as possible. And these are the ways how we will help you do so in just a click of a mouse. Check out our additional services here:

  • LinkedIn profile development: LinkedIn has become the biggest online platform today to access qualified professionals in a given field. And this has attracted top-tier companies and enterprises that are looking to recruit the best professionals around. One that immediately draws attention to the skills that you can offer. We provide guidance and techniques to aid you in developing a profile that ultimately draws in clients. And later results in a higher employment success rate.
  • Cover and thank you letter writing: Official cover letters require the writer to be straight to the point, and convey their message appropriately. Many a times we find that job-seekers have no clue on how to write an attractive cover letter to complement their CV or resume. As the ‘head’ of your resume, your cover letter needs to be precise and concise. Filler content is strictly a ‘no-go’ zone. Hence, we provide high quality cover letters that bring out beautifully your intention to apply for a job!
  • Interview coaching: Why are interviews important? Are they really necessary in today’s modern age? The answer is YES. Despite the revolution of remote-working, clients still require potential employees to discuss with them future prospects, and how they believe they can help them.
  • Job search assistance: It can be quite difficult to search for a job. Better yet, a job that perfectly meets your requirements. With so much competition out there, getting to know of a job opportunity early on is becoming increasingly important. And that is why we provide essential services that help you find a suitable job and successfully apply for it.
  • Reference verification: Many companies always go the extra mile of checking your references before inviting you for an interview. In fact, having credible references will really help increase your chances of landing that dream job! That’s why we offer you a reference verification service to ensure that your references are up to date and suite your resume.

What You Can Achieve with Our ATS Resume Writing Services

ats job aplicationTo access the best resume writing services ATS around, get in touch with us and immediately begin to see the positive results of improving on your applications. No longer do you have to worry about ATS resume writing. We will make it easy for you! Here is what we believe you will achieve with us once you get started getting our help:

  • A 50% increase in response to your job application.
  • Extensive background research on the company you are applying to and gauging how to create your application to suit their criteria.
  • Increased confidence in your interviews as a result of appropriate pre-interview training guidance provided by us.
  • Meeting all ATS requirements for a job before applying.
  • Being up to date with the latest recruitment trends
  • Greater motivation to apply for your dream jobs

So make your ATS resume request today and we will immediately take you from a zero to a hero with your job applications!