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ATS Resume Sample for Everyone

You’ve been thinking of improving your ATS resume writing. Great! That means you are one step closer to becoming the ideal professional that you aspire to be. One that can easily land jobs just by putting pen to paper and sending out a killer resume that attracts the best companies and businesses. That being said, what do you need in order to make your ATS resume stellar during a job search? Today, we’ll be looking at some amazing tips on CV writing, as well as talk about the benefits of accessing a great ATS resume sample to help you build on your writing!

How our ATS tesume sample can help you improve your application skills

Imagine that you’ve always been in the dark for the past couple of years and then someone suddenly started shining a light on you! How would you feel? Well, of course you’d be ecstatic! And that’s exactly how you will feel once you go through an ATS resume sample that we have written for our clients over the years. Some of the vital things you will learn from them include:

  • The art of official writing: Reading and going over an ATS optimized resume will help you gain definitive knowledge on how to write an official resume that is not only intriguing, but also conveys the message that you are the most suitable contender for the job posted!
  • Learning how to highlight your strengths as briefly as possible: No one likes to read a long cover letter. In fact, most of the people that work in the Human Resource Department of the company you’re applying to are probably busy handling their own workload! Now imagine coming across a Harry Potter novel as a resume? No thanks. They’ve got way more work to do. So highlight your strengths as briefly as you can.
  • Keeping it concise and precise: As stated above, it’s good to keep things short, simple and straightforward. This also minimizes the chances of your resume having a truck-load of errors that you didn’t even know were there!
  • Learning how to format your resume the right way: Having the correct resume format for ATS is extremely important. Not only does it make your resume look neat, but it also showcases that you are an organized chap who is serious about the position he or she is applying for. In that case, accessing an ATS resume sample will help you get a systematic format of writing your subsequent cover letters.
  • How to make your cover letter complement your CV: Another reason why it’s great to access our ATS resume sample is that it will help you understand how you can use your cover letter to add more juice and to perfectly highlight your CV in the process!

How our ATS resume sample coincides with the list of services that we offer

Once you go over an ATS resume sample and template, you will be able to understand how we handle some of the content on a professional level at our services. But that’s not it, we can offer you and other our clients and customers so much more to you to help you make your dreams come true. Some of these services we provide include the following:

  • Writing: Our team of writers creates engaging albeit professional resumes that help job-seekers poor at self-expression land the dream jobs they’ve always wanted!
  • Proofreading: We invest a lot of time in proofreading content to ensure that no grammatical and syntax errors are present in every resume we deliver back to our clients.
  • Editing: We do editing especially for clients who have already made progress with their resumes, but just don’t have those extra creative juices flowing within them to make the content a little bit more attractive for the company in question to analyze. Our team of editors will diligently add or remove any content that compromises the quality of your resume.
  • Formatting: We always double-check our ATS resume format to ensure that it meets a higher level of professionalism so as to impress each and every potential employer. In fact, we understand that presentation of the resume is just as important as the content found within the given resume.
  • Job posting research: We go the extra mile by providing comprehensive job research services to help you find and potentially land the dream job that you have always wanted!

5 Tips on how to write a compelling ATS resume

Below are some of the expert writing tips we recommend our clients to use when practicing to write their own resumes:

  • Format your resume correctly- This includes following a set of formatted guidelines in an ATS resume template that are accepted throughout both the corporate and business world. In fact, most employers are usually attracted towards a resume that has an outstanding layout. It is just so appealing to always have the best resume formats for ATS!
  • Identify accomplishments not the job description- The biggest mistake that most job-seekers do is provide information about their past work experience like it was a chore. For example, you will see someone writing ‘I handled all financial papers in the firm.’ This is utterly boring and does not show the relevance you had in the past company. Instead, you can bring this out this way, “Spearheaded the completion of financial papers in the firm that saw the company boost a 5% increase in productivity.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to hire someone who boosted a 5% increase in productivity?
  • Cater your resume for the industry: Don’t just write a generic resume that you will send to multiple companies at once. Instead take time to research on the given company that you are applying for and even mention some of the problems that you think you might be able to solve if given the opportunity to start in their company.
  • Replace your objective with a career summary: Instead of spewing out objectives to the employer; it’s good to provide an accurate albeit interesting take about yourself in order to grab the full attention of the reader and highly consider you for the position!
  • Become an avid networker: There’s nothing more vital than networking. Not only will it give you credible references, but also ensures that you have a greater opportunity to expand your work opportunities!

And there you have it folks! These are some of the best tips to apply to your future job applications as well as in your resume writing; plus the best ATS friendly resume example available for you! You can further access our services to gain tips on ATS friendly resume template writing as well as confidence-building during face-to-face interviews; plus so much more!

So get in touch with us today to get access to a great ATS resume sample which you can emulate, as well as high quality resume writing services!

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