CV Achievements and QualificationsMany people are too mediocre when it comes to resume writing. Practically, they do not know the importance of writing a resume. Some are just copying their peer’s CV writing without considering that what they write will get the job they want. In writing a CV, you need time and a lot of considerations before saying you are done and ready to send out your CV.

One of the many considerations you should make is this: what will you put in your achievements and qualifications? This might be a silly question for some applicants but this makes a lot of sense: what if you put all your achievements and in result the HR officer reading it got bored? What if when the employer read you’re flowery and wordy CV, their impression to you becomes negative? Thus in writing a resume you should consider what to write in your achievements and qualifications.

Qualification Statement in Your CV

The qualification statement is the summation phrases of your notable background and strengths. When we compare your application with sales, this part of the CV writing is supposed to be your marketability. Thus, your statement here should seize the totality of your skills and strengths. This part of resume writing should practically answer the question: why should we hire you?

How to Write a CV Qualification Statement

A qualification statement should compose of 3 to 4 phrases. As an ideal, the first statement should tell your background experience. The next two statements should compose of your accomplishments in the field where you are applying.

 Achievement Statement for a CV

The achievement statements should support your qualification phrases. Without your achievements, the qualifications you stated can be considered as a plain lie.

How to Write a CV Achievement Statement

This part of writing a CV should include notable organizations and award-giving bodies that will surely impress the hiring officer and that will justify your claims in the qualification statement.

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