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Technical Support Agent Resume Sample

Technical Support Agent Resume Sample

The sample is applicable as:

  • Computer technician professional resume
  • Computer programming instructor professional resume
  • Technical support agent professional resume
  • Financial consultant professional resume
  • Strategic Planning professional resume
  • Account executive professional resume

Recruiter’s comment:

Starting an objecting in a resume is a good introduction of oneself.  It is giving a summary of what type and kind of work you are proposing to offer to the employer.  Frank Funk’s resume begins with an objective stating what type of work he is looking for.  This will make it easier for the recruiter to determine which position Frank is most qualified for.

He needs to improve his statement in the objective.  He needs to include the quality of service the company can expect from him and also what career development he expects from the company.

Another positive note on his resume is the point that his skills are clearly stated.  This is very important for him because his work experience is not related to his educational background.

Bullet points are always helpful in presenting the description of the job function.  It helps to make a resume concise.

Page margins are also very important in a resume preparation.  This will help make the document look more formal.  Frank’s lower page margin has to be increased.

Frank Funk’s work experience is related mostly to information technology and finance and marketing.


  • Companies specializing in the field of IT
  • Financial institutions (e.g. Citibank & Bank of America)
  • Educational institutions

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