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Nurse Resume Sampe

Nurse Resume Sampe

The sample is applicable as:

  • Nurse professional resume
  • Healthcare Specialist professional resume
  • Staff Nurse professional resume
  • License Nurse professional resume
  • Head Nurse professional resume
  • Company Nurse professional resume
  • Camp Nurse professional resume
  • Registered Nurse Supervisor professional resume
  • Nursing Supervisor professional resume

Recruiter’s comment:

Weak Points:

  • Noted gaps in work experience.
  • Specialty or specialization was not indicated.

Strong Points:

  • Good educational background with Master’s degree in Nursing.
  • Has relevant work experience in healthcare services


  • Include career objective as the first section of the resume.
  • Use uniform font, format align to the left
  • Include training programs attended at the last section of the CV

Employers that may be interested:

  • Camp Nurse/Clinical Nurse/Specialty Nurse- Global Health Care Group
  • Nurse – Intermedistaff
  • American Registered Nurse – HCL International
  • Registered Nurse –   Nautic Crew International, Inc
  • Nurse – All About Staffing
  • Nursing Supervisor – RT Informatics


The candidate is a certified and licensed nurse with more than ten years relevant experience in the field of healthcare services.

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