The resume is very specific and targets the job. In her objective, she clearly states what kind of work she is looking for and what her goal is. One downside of preparing this kind of resume is that she will need to edit her objective constantly if decides to apply for another position. This minimizes her chances of being considered for other positions to which she qualifies as the specifics of the job and her goals may not align well. Her resume is very comprehensive. It clearly describes her duties and roles for the various positions she had held while working for various medical institutions. We can improve this resume by removing the profile section of the document. Then we can change this section into Accomplishments/Awards. This will be a more effective way of presenting her dedication to the medical field. As her resume is a two-page document, the second page should also have her name on it. This is required as the second page tends to get lost. She has an extensive experience in patient care and supervisory other staff members. My conclusion that she is looking into another career - mainly to sell pharmaceutical products. Her knowledge of different medicines/equipment and constant interaction with physicians over the years is an important advantage. Overall the resume could use many improvements in formatting, editing and design. We can also definitely work to improve the fluidity of the text itself. There is much potential in the resume and we could even us the information contained in the original to create a resume from scratch that would be more appealing to a potential employer.

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