The sample is applicable as:

  • Translator Resume
  • Interpreter Resume
  • International Business Resume
  • Business Analyst Resume
  • Business Administration Resume
  • Manager Resume
  • Accounting Resume
  • Finance Resume

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Recruiter's comment:

Weak Points

  • Some descriptions of work experience are more tailored towards a position in business management than need to be mentioned in the medical interpreter resume
  • Organization of resume could be improved to highlight language skills and ability to work with multicultural populations
  • Focus on educational achievements dilutes impact of work experience

Strong Points

  • Easy to read format with categories of information clearly organized
  • Good emphasis on action words in description of experience
  • Inclusion of all relevant information, including dates worked, description of job duties, location of job, and title


  • Redesign the resume to be more eye-catching, perhaps with more colors and more bold bullet points
  • Rewrite job descriptions in your interpreter resume to emphasize job responsibilities that are pertinent to an interpreter position
  • Include a summary at the top of resume beginning with a powerful action statement detailing what characteristics and skills make the individual perfect for the job
  • Condense the education section of the resume, since there is plenty of relevant work experience to expand upon
  • Include achievements as part of the work experience section, no need to create a separate section

Employers that may be interested:

  • Customer Service Translator- Down to the Smallest Detail Inc. – Houston, TX
  • Translator – Syracuse, NY
  • Translator – The MSXF Firm – Miami, FL
  • Entry Level Translation Analyst – Cerner Corporation
  • Executive Assistant – Intelifuel CIA LTDA

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Hi, I really liked both the cover and thank you letter. I would like to keep both ast and sales experience in cover letter. I think resume looks great.Also I would like to thank you for all your help. My resume is just way i wanted to be. Simple and to the point.


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