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Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

The sample is applicable as:

  • Pre-school Teacher professional resume
  • Montessori Teacher professional resume
  • Elementary Teacher professional resume

Recruiter’s comment:

Kathy created a document that serves an application letter and resume.  Employers usually request for resumes and not application letters as the position you would want to apply for may be indicated on the body of the resume.

Resumes are not in a business letter form so what Kathy has prepared is not a resume it’s an application letter instead.

I suggest to create a separate document in the usual resume format providing information of her educational background, successfully passed licensure examination, skills/achievements and work experiences.

Kathy’s work experience is solely in the field of teaching in early education.  Yet I am confident that she has the capacity to handle a higher grade level because she has good management skills.  This is a very important skill that a teacher must possess to maintain order inside the classroom.

She mentioned also that she is able to individualize the curriculum to match the needs of the students in the same classroom.  This would qualify her as teacher in a school that uses the Montessori approach of teaching.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Educational Institutions offering early education
  • Elementary Schools
  • Montessori Schools

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