Weak Points:

  • There is a limited amount of work experience included that is relevant to the field of Accounting.
  • The formatting can be greatly improved - the information looks scattered across the page and the readability is poor.
  • The font sizes and font itself need to be corrected (Eg. too much use of bold lettering)
  • If possible, we can work with the individual to add more relevant information and ensure it is included.

Strong Points:

  • Above average academic achievements.
  • Job promotions from previous jobs indicates exemplary performance.
  • Nearly all important information relevant to work in the Finance sector is included.


  • Re-word the objective ex. To secure a position ….
  • Use bullet form to describe the job descriptions in the Work Experience section
  • Indicate dates of employment (Eg. not sure if candidate is currently employed.)
  • Align the text so that it looks clean, polished and professional
  • Include knowledge and skills using accounting software like QuickBooks to increase the chance of getting hired.

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