LinkedIn Resume Writing ServiceA LinkedIn endorsement sample can do wonders in the LinkedIn profile development of a LinkedIn writer of resume writing service. The LinkedIn endorsement example can convince your clients about your skills as listed on the sample LinkedIn endorsement. This post will help you write LinkedIn endorsements. Templates on endorsement examples LinkedIn are also provided for future use.

What should you remember when writing sample LinkedIn endorsements?

  1. When writing a sample LinkedIn endorsement, you need to provide an honest feedback on how a coworker or an employee performed. The LinkedIn endorsement will be used by future employers to test if the applicant has good and relevant qualities. Here is a simple LinkedIn endorsement template that you can use.

    “She never failed to impress us during her stay with the company. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has effective strategies that never failed to meet our goals.”

  2. The sample endorsement for LinkedIn should be brief. Focus on the person’s efficiency and discuss this in the LinkedIn endorsement sample.
  3. Add a success story in the LinkedIn endorsement example. In your sample LinkedIn endorsement, you can say: “(Name) is an asset that saved us from losing a big investor by…”
  4. End your sample LinkedIn endorsements convincingly. In your LinkedIn endorsement, add:

“I strongly recommend (name of employee) because of her professionalism. If given the opportunity, I would like to work with her again.”

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Additional endorsement examples LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn Endorsement Template for employment

    (Name) is an expert in information technology. He showed his mastery of programming language through high quality projects. He is always open for suggestions that are why I am recommending him through this LinkedIn endorsement sample.”


  2. LinkedIn endorsements for co-workers

“I worked with (name) for several years. He has never missed a deadline and his projects always met the guidelines and requirements of the company. He is a great team player who I’d like to collaborate with again in the future.”


  1. Students sample endorsement for LinkedIn

“I am writing this LinkedIn endorsement for (name) because he is a brilliant student. He has great potential that can only be fully developed through your school. I strongly recommend him as a worthy member of your student community.”

Create your LinkedIn endorsement example and be inspired through the sample LinkedIn endorsements posted here. These endorsement examples LinkedIn are for students and professionals who want to build networks though sample endorsement for LinkedIn. Follow the LinkedIn endorsement template and customize it for LinkedIn endorsements.