Learning how to make a great resume is a skill that lots of individuals can’t afford to ignore. Since many people will chance their career, they need to make sure that they will sell themselves by crafting an effective resume.

The truth is that only resume that is easy to read and well organized are the one that survive. Even though you have lots of experience but it doesn’t look promising, then you definitely fail. Here are strategies on how to make a simple resume.

How to make a basic resume

  1. You need to make a summary before you will present your skills and qualifications. In this part, you need to tell what you can do for the company and why they need to have you or become part of them. You can have four lines in this section.
  2. A resume that will catch the attention of the employer needs to have specific accomplishments. For this part, you need to highlight specific examples such ad did you manage a team before or did you increase your sales.
  3. In your interview, you will need to present all your strongest points which means you also need to do it in your resume. You need to put your strongest qualifications and achievements in the top of your resume.
  4. The common mistake of job seekers is that they use paragraph in introducing their achievements or skills. This can be good but there is better for the employer or the hiring manager easily understands your resume. You can use an easy to read format like bullets, headings and bold print.
  5. After you are done, don’t forget to proofread your resume. Because of the competition, when you have two or three errors, they will remove you from the list so ensure you re-read your resume.

How to Make a Functional Resume: Make A Good Impression

There are lots of strategies on how to make an easy resume and when you know it you have the chance to make a good impression to your employer. Take note that you only have one chance in impressing your employer so be sure to use the guidelines above.