There are two types of people in this world: Those who hate objective statements and those who love them.

There are only about 4 people currently in existence who love them.

CV Objective StatementThe problem you have is that, despite many people hating them – including hiring managers – many recruiters still look for them in your CV, which is why you have to consider writing one.

A CV or objective financial statement is boring to write. It’s tedious, time consuming and cause a lot of hassle. But its goal is to briefly summarise you and your strengths and what you’d bring to a company. Written well, an objective statement for CV can go a long way to securing a job interview for you. In this sense, it’s like your own personal selling device; it’s the headline to end all headlines that will grab the reader’s attention and convince them to read on.

You could skip the CV objective statement altogether. But sometimes this only weakens your resume, because without that killer objective that hooks the hiring manager, your resume could look pretty bland.

Show How You Would Benefit Them

When we’re hired to work for a company, our skills benefit productivity. At the same time, the company benefits us because we’re learning new things and improving as workers.

Your objective statement for CV, though, should highlight how you will benefit the employer, and not the other way around. A hiring manager wants to be impressed by your skills, and they won’t to buy into the idea that you will improve their company.

Target The Company With Your CV Objective Statement

Oh so many people reuse the same objective statement over and over again each time they apply for a new post. You might think this is okay if you’re apply to be a barista at a coffee shop. After all, all coffee shops are the same, right?


Each coffee shop – just like each company all around the world – has a different company culture. One might promote free trade, whereas another might promote openness with the consumers. You need to find out what the company’s culture is and write how you would help to enhance it.

Keep Things Nice and Short

CV Objective StatementNot every hiring manager likes an objective statement for resume or CV. But if you give them one, they’ll certainly read it.

Unless it’s too long.

A long CV objective statement just looks unreadable to the recruiter; it looks time-consuming, and instead of wading through it, they’ll just dump it in the “no” pile. Hiring managers have to go through hundreds of CV’s for each job, so they don’t want their job made more difficult than it has to be. Give them something short and sweet that is preferably 2 at most.

Check Out CV Objective Statement Examples

If you’re still struggling with your objective statement for CV, you could benefit yourself by checking out a few free examples online. These examples will give you a clearer understanding of what you need to do.

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