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What are keywords for resumes and why are they important?

When you pass your resume to a big company through their application system online, or you drop your resume onto Monster or one of the many other job search sites, you are hoping that a recruiter will look through your resume and will see your value and ask you to interview. More and more however the recruiters are using what are called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS); these will review the resumes first and will filter out those resumes that they feel don’t match the requirements and only pass on those that best fit the expectations of the recruiter. In the simplest way of looking at an ATS it looks for the keywords that are related to your job. If those keywords are there within your resume then your resume may be passed on, if they are not within your resume then the program will simply put your resume to one side and the recruiter will not get to see it.

Is there a resume keywords list?

Deciding which keywords are relevant is not that simple as every job in every industry is very different. You need to consider what they are looking for in all of the following areas:

  • Job Titles
  • Responsibilities
  • Training and education
  • Knowledge
  • Certifications and licenses
  • Software

In all of these areas there will be specific keywords and keyword phrases that the recruiter will be expecting to see and will have programmed the Applicant Tracking System to find. If your resume is populated with the correct keywords for resumes then it will present your resume along with any others that match their specific requirements.

Finding keywords for resumes for your application

There are few ways that you can ensure that you generate the right keywords to use within your resume to ensure that you get noticed:

  • Use tag generating software; there are sites such as Wordle, TagCrowd, and ToCloud in which you can paste text and they will tell you which powerful words for resume are the most commonly used. If you take several job postings for your industry and position and paste them into these services they will tell you the specific keywords that are used the most from within those job postings.
  • Review the profiles of people that are working in the company that you are targeting on LinkedIn; by reviewing their profiles especially in the roles and departments that you are targeting you can see what keywords for resumes they are using.
  • Use the Google Keyword Tool; while normally used for webmasters to find related terms it can also be employed by you to discover terms that are related to a specific industry and job title.

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