With executive LinkedIn profile, it is needed that you stand out from the masses in order to attract job opportunities. In fact, many recruiters are looking for potential candidates there. The majority of the employers are using social networking to hire applicants and because of this it is needed to have a profile that really stands out.

In this case, it is needed to fill all the information required to have a superb executive LinkedIn profile. You need to know that LinkedIn profile is a part of the interview process. This means that if you do not have exceptional profile on LinkedIn, it means that you are missing opportunities.

Your executive LinkedIn profile is like a good real estate wherein if you have a good profile, then you already passed the professionalism test but it must need that you include all relevant information that recruiters and employers would like to see.

Excellent Tips to Create Standout LinkedIn Profile

  • Complete: Make sure to include your current position, past positions, photo, education and specialties. You should include at least 3 recommendations from people you worked with.
  • Current: You can use the status box to share links but never share links that will affect you. Instead, focus only on things that are relevant and helpful for others. You can also update and include your projects.
  • Concise: The effective LinkedIn profile is simple, can easily-scanned and straightforward. Make your executive LinkedIn profile as simple as possible. Try to use bullet points and focus on the skills you have, achievements and responsibilities.
  • SEO friendly: Arrange your profile for search engines by adding strategic terms. Plus, always remember that LinkedIn is a professional network and not just about anything else.

Achieving Unique LinkedIn Profile

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