The role of an executive director means a lot of responsibility and stature. Obviously, you are expected to come up with a competitive executive director resume that shows a lot of professionalism and highlight vital leadership skills that hiring managers could never say “NO” to.

Do’s in Writing an Executive Director Resume:

Writing an executive director resume is not as easy as it looks. It is actually very challenging as you need to show off what best of you in a concise, straightforward yet impressive way.

Start your executive director resume with a title. Whatever specific position that you are applying, put the title first. Don’t mess it up with a flowery objective as it can put off the flare.

Utilize the use of bullets. There’s a reason why bullets in resume writing was invented and using such in writing your executive director resume is one of them. Use the bullets in stating your years of experience, highlights, and citations if there’s any and everything that can wow the reader.

Since the position is one of the most competed one, don’t forget to insert some of your accomplishments as it might give you an edge among others.

More importantly, be articulate and avoid flowery words that can be confusing. Be clear as possible and ensure that your resume is readable.

Don’ts in Writing an Executive Director Resume

Although you need to impress possible employers, one big doesn’t in writing an executive director resume is lying. In other words, you have to be honest in every word that you write in the resume. Don’t settle how good your resume sounds but half of it is a lie. Rather, make it good by being honest.

Another thing that you should not do is to make a long executive director resume. Make it brief and concise as possible. Don’t submit a bulky resumes as hiring managers will get bored reading it. Just simple provide the key points and highlights the best parts.

Don’t submit unreadable resume. There’s no need to add graphics unless it’s called for. It can only be distracting and confusing.