While letter writing seems to be a lost art, there are still occasions when you do have to write a formal letter. A good cover letter is a necessity for any application because it has to accompany your resume and provide a few additional details the reader would not normally find in the facts of the document. Good cover letters offer an interesting introduction to the reader and should be engaging enough for this person to want to meet you. That is the goal we strive to achieve in a good cover letter that we can write for you at resumewritingservice.biz.

Tell your story in a good cover letter

The whole purpose of taking the time to write a really good cover letter is to make the details in the resume more personalized. Through the cover letter the reader should be able to know something about you as a person and a possible employee.

When we start to write a good cover letter for a client we reread the resume and pick out important aspects to highlight so that the reader will not miss them. We try to tell your story in a concise manner because good cover letter writing should not extend beyond a page.

A good cover letter is not repetitive

While you may be stating some of the same facts in a good cover letter as you have in your resume, the secret is to do so in a different manner. Use sentences that provide more details than can be found in the bulleted points. Other tips we have about writing good cover letters include:

  • Always use the format of a business letter even if the reader is a friend fo yours. This helps portray your professional attitude.
  • Never print off the cover letter on embossed paper.
  • Get to the point in the first sentence by stating the reason for the application and cover letter.
  • Write the cover letter in the first person

The writers of resumewritingservice.biz take these points and more very seriously when we work with you in writing a good cover letter.

When you want a good cover letter you should always come to the best. And that is what we have for you at resumewritingservice.biz. Check us out today!