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college resumeSometimes a common college application doesn’t allow you to highlight all the strong points and virtues.  And I’m sure you want to tell the world about all of them! Here you will need a resume. It will help you draw attention to your accomplishments which are of great importance!

Resumes usually tell about work experiences, bout a college resume is bit other thing. Colleges are mostly interested in you as in a scholar, so use a special format to be successful!

Start with a heading. Here you give your name and some identifying information.

Then comes the so-called Overview. Here in approximately 3 sentences write your biography. This is the part for stating your strongest features. If you can speak any foreign language, or have some achievements in any kind of activity, write it in this section.

The next is a section about  your Education. Give the name of your high school and its address. Also you should include your GPA and class rank. Any sort of academic distinction may be placed here as well.

The Activities will be the next part of your college resume. Any clubs, programs, community service organizations, sports, or other activities you were a part of during high school should be mentioned here. These should not necessarily be school-sponsored activities. Some church or community services will go here as well.

The Projects part will include information about some activities in which you participated once or twice. Some science fair, volunteer effort, etc. If you had any stable job during school years, mention it here!

Awards will be the last section of your resume. This can be either a humble list, or it may include some detailed descriptions. Here you can interact with previous sections and show how successful you were in some of the activities.

However, this structure is not a dogma and if you have some extraordinary experience, you can make a separate section for it. Make your resume impressive. You must be sure in your abilities, let the others be sure as well!