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Many things have been said about good resumes, about professionally written or winning resumes. But what about the bad ones? They still exist and they don’t usually let a person get the job s/he wants. In case you trust your resume writing to a non-professional resume writing service, you may get a poor resume. So, how can you see if the resume is a good or bad one? Let’s see several features of a poorly written resume.

For example, your resume may be incomplete. I mean one of the resume sections may be missing. Don’t forget that a resume should follow strict writing format. You have to include your personal details, an objective sentence, some info on your work experience, then you should write about your education, skills, competencies and give a reference list.

Your resume may have a poor layout. Yeah, that’s a great problem for the readers. A bad layout will make the resume hard to read.

The content of your resume may be written not logically. It may happen in case you don’t follow any resume writing formats and present all the details without putting them in separate sections.

resume writing service won't write a bad resumeYou may use multi-colored fonts for resume writing, or print it out on colored paper. That’s a bad mistake! A resume is very serious paper and you should write in a very formal way. It will be read not by your friends, but by HR managers, so write it very seriously!

Another point you should always keep in your mind is proofreading. Grammar or punctuation mistakes will not help you get a job. Instead, it may show that you somehow disrespect your future employer!

Well, this list of features gives you an idea of what a resume shouldn’t be like! With our resume writing service you will never see any of these features in your resume. Our resume writing service works carefully on every order we get.  Address to our resume writing service and forget about bad resumes! With you will always get only first class resumes!