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Resume Writing Service helps to choose the best resume file nameResume Writing Service Highlights the Importance of the Right File Name

Statistic indicates that majority of resume writers has never considered resume filename and just use their names and surnames as a document name. If you do want to stand out from other job-seekers, your resume writing should be perfect from the very beginning: and the first thing that hiring manager sees is a filename and it should answer the following questions: What type of document is it? Whose is it? And who are you?

Resume Writing Service Illustrates How to Name Your Resume Files

Resume Writing Service will illustrate you how to answer this question correct:

  • good resume filename: NameSurname.doc

Your name and surname give minimum information about your candidacy, but thus such resume will be searchable in database by name.

  • better resume filename: NameSurnameResume.doc

Adding document type helps to differ your resume writing from a cover letter, but not more.

  • the best resume filename: NameSurnameResumeKeyword.doc

Keyword that reflects your occupation or position you’re applying for will make your resume visible and will provide the recruiter with all needed information.

Resume Writing Service Warns You of Common Mistakes

Even after “saving as” a resume file, some resume writers still keep on doing unacceptable mistakes. With help of Resume Writing Service, you won’t repeat them, just ensure yourself that:

  • your resume writing filename doesn’t contain words like updated, new, revised and any dates.
  • filename isn’t too long and is easy to read. You can divide words with dashes to make it more legible: Name-Surname-Resume-Keyword.doc
  • you’ve used capital letters, so that recruiter won’t have problems with separating your name from the surname.