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If you’re looking at executive resume formats for you in 2015 or executive resume format 2014, you’ll be pleased to know that the new resumes are a lot more efficient, easier to work with, and far more competitive.

The previously stuffy, pedantic, and let’s face it, dull, world of “How to write a resume” has figured out how to do the job properly, for a change. The recruiters, employers, and employees have got on the same page, and come up with a much better way of managing resume formatting.

A quick comparison of resume formats explains the differences:

The old style

  • Too indirect, too complex, too verbose, too much “parrot quality” information
  • Not well organized
  • Lacked individual identity like a personal statement or profile
  • Not a great structure, either, full of “compulsory” bits and pieces
  • Oversized, overdone and overrated in terms of effectiveness

The New Executive Resumes for 2015

  • Far more efficient, containing more actual information
  • A lot easier to write, edit and customize
  • Much more effective as competitive resumes
  • Simpler at all stages of the application process as well as being fundamentally better designed resumes

Why Executive Resumes Must Be up to Date at All Times

The best 2015 executive resume formats make one point very clearly – In the highly competitive world of executive job applications, “great” is the only real option. You can’t put in a fossilized-looking job application and expect to be competitive.

The other issue, less obvious, but a killer, is that if you’re using a less effective resume format, you’re not up to date. Not a great look for a job applicant. Would you hire an extinct species?

Executive Resume Writing 2015, the Big Improvements

resumes for 2015Working with and writing the new 2015 resumes is a lot better in a very unexpected way – It allows you to do more thinking and less “bureaucratic” garbage .That’s one of the reasons the new formats are so popular, and you’ll soon find out for yourself why they’re so good.

The thinking part includes making a few decisions:

  • Which layout do you prefer? This is a real issue, relating to the amount and type of information you need to convey to a prospective employer. You need to consider the amount of space you need for things like skills, achievements, and other high value information in particular.
  • Look and style: You do have plenty of options about your style and presentation – The question is whether you need a specific type of presentation, or need to include particular elements in your resume. You can see why “look” is a major issue.
  • Information management: What about your information requirements? Do you need to include a lot of information, professional credentials, etc.? If so, what’s the easiest and most flexible format for managing this information?
  • Competitive content: Getting down to basics – Which format do you think is more competitive for your needs?

The top of the line executive resume formats for 2015 are extremely easy to work with, however, and really, it’s a matter of exploring your options. If you’re targeting a promotion or career goal job, take the time to really consider possible resume formats. The formatting issues could be the difference between the great new job and the great new set of “back to the drawing board” moves.

Be highly selective and be highly critical of your resume as well:

  • Use your existing resume as the definition of what has to be improved and re-done: The old resume can still help you out in one way – By defining what’s wrong with it, and providing a contrast with the new resume formats.
  • Which is the resume format for the major career advance? This is a real brain teaser, and it’s also a subject well worth thinking about. What do you need to support your move to the Next Big Thing in your career? What looks right? What does the job? Which format is the best presentation? Which gives you the most confidence?
  • Which resume format covers all the angles and addresses all the key requirements? Talking about basics – Always remember to stick closely to the script of employer requirements. You can add more to it, but always be sure to cover all the essentials. You should literally go through each requirement and check it off on your resume. Be patient, be conscientious, but be right about this. You’ll find some formats are very helpful in making sure you do deliver all the information the employer wants to see.
  • Do you need a CV/resume, in your line of work? Not all jobs require a basic resume. In some higher academic positions and many business roles, a lot of very high value information is required. You need to handle these requirements efficiently, while adding that competitive element to your resume. Best practice is to use what’s called a “combination” resume to add the very efficient resume formatting to a CV or complex resume.

Working with Resume Templates In 2015

For a very nice change, the new resume templates are much more friendly and easier to work with in 2015. Unlike their predecessors, they’re efficient, effective and comparatively simple, without the “software problems” of the past.

The new templates allow you to do more:

  • Try out new styles, new information, and managing your resume content quality – You’ll soon figure out how much more space these templates offer and what to do with that space. You’ll find you become fluent in using the templates easily, which will help you focus on your resume quality.
  • Templates are always a sort of “market sample”, too. They’re the current market standard, and you can always beat market standard with a bit of extra talent and savvy. Compare your resume draft and do a better job than the examples.

Avoid copying online resumes. You’re in this to win it, not join the losers, remember? See the weak spots, see what you can do better than the examples. Bear in mind that information quality is the name of the game, and you’ll write a great resume. Also do not forget to read how to write cover letter for executive assistant, what can be a good step to getting best results.

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