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Add Colours to Your Resume - Tips from Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing Service Knows How to Choose Proper Colors for You Resume

The era of black-and-white resumes is already behind. Nowadays writing a branding resume is impossible without using some color emphasis. This trick allows making your resume really outstanding, but for inexperienced users unskillful color application can be a real crash, therefore so many job-seekers are still very shy and refrain from any font changes. In this article Resume Writing Service is going to clarify a vague situation with using color in your resume, so that every resume writer can only gain from this slight change.

Resume Writing Service Tips on Color Usage

  • Basic resume elements that can be colored are headings. Your Objective, Work History, Skills and Education can distinguish not only font type and bigger font size, but also color. That makes your resume writing more structured and easy for understanding.
  • Avoid using bright and light colors: dark green, dark blue, wine red and brown accents look more serious and they don’t worsen readability.
  • Never use colors in the text body. Color isn’t the right variant here even as an emphasizing tool.
  • In your resume heading you can place a little logo or some simple graphics that reflects your industry, your passion or your personal style, but be very careful in your choice. This little picture should be unique and not garish.
  • Never place graphics behind the text, except the main resume heading.
  • Try to avoid patterns and textured backgrounds. Resume writing shouldn’t be like a power point presentation: here your first goal is making your text structured and easy to read, but not visual presentation of professional achievements.
  • Resume Writing Service advises you to print a final version of your resume in color and black variants and compare their legibility to be sure that your resume writing is perfect in every way.
  • And the last tip is applying to professional resume writers from Resume Writing Service every time they meet difficulties. Just take a glance at your resume for the last time and if you feel uncertain about its content or the way it looks, send it to Resume Writing Service for our free resume evaluation! We will be glad to provide you with a prompt feedback and dispel your doubts!