Resume Languages Section:

The language of potential enemy (read only mode)

English – reading/writing – good, speaking – with squeaking

Spanish – independent user

English – pre-immediate level

German – in the reconstruction phase

English – with a translator

French – basic fluency

French – more than fluent

French – read with dictionary, but don’t understand the meaning

English – as everybody

French – not spoken

Personal Traits:

In what area are you a specialist? – In New York District area;

Acquainted with the sense of humor;

Sociable, able to get into business relations with the use for solving necessary tasks.

Education – two and more higher educations;

Hardworking (especially if the job is interesting);

Absolute loyalty to the employer;

Able to analyze, artistic, able to say “no”, patriot, ability to train, love for pats, ability to give up tactic victories in the name of strategic ones, non-conflict, persistent.

My disadvantage is that I do the work of others.

Sometimes I lose heart;

In spare time I can dedicate myself fully to the job;

Hard-worker. I like to take the tasks of others;

Personal Info:

Married, but don’t smoke;

Marital status: happy in marriage;

Not married (business trips are possible);

Happily married with one child;

I know massage (from Director’s resume)