MarynaMazurenko-best-resume-writerWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

Weird Guy At Interview + ResumeWritingService.BIZ comments on that video

Of course it’s a fun movie and we don’t behave at interviews like this, BUT let me tell you that as a Recruiter with 4 years experience in interviewing people, I can tell you that there are SO many “different” people who sometimes strike you with things they do and/or say. So, let’s look at the things this guy is doing wrong and that should NEVER be done at interviews:

1. Remember that you are being invested in a very expensive time of the staff of the company involved in your interview. Make sure you value it. Don’t waste a minute. Be ready anytime you’re being invited or addressed to.

2. Don’t speak on any “personal” kind of things. There can be no personal things for you at this stage when you’re not even engaged to this company. The exception can be your extra urgent need to the restroom, though it’s better if you come in “prepared already” or if possible if you can wait till the interview is over and then ask where restroom is. Of course, if there is a need, it’s better to handle it before the interview and not let it disturb you.

3. Never bring anything with you to the interview except a copy of your resume and/or personal visiting card. No bribes, no flowers, no candies, no gifts; otherwise it’s just a mere waste of your and Managers’ time.

4. Don’t feel you’re friends with the interviewers or anyone involved in the interview organization process. It doesn’t mean you can’t smile to them, but make sure you don’t invite them out or speak too freely on non-interview related questions.

5. Never lie on the resume! The information can be easily verified, keep it in mind. Also, make sure the information on your resume isn’t too old for you to speak about it. Refresh all the details from your resume before the interview. Reassure that the CV information is well-known to you.

6. Never kiss hands! No comments 🙂 , just don’t do it.

7. Make sure your handshake (if there is one, in fact, there should be one) isn’t too firm as well as isn’t too loose. Make sure your hands are nice to touch, not wet, or dirty, or anything.

8. Don’t argue with the interviewer. Be serious about the interview. Remember, they may have friends in other companies too.

Be good and good luck!