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Your Dutch resume is an integral part of your job application package and you will need to ensure that it has been written perfectly to the correct Netherlands CV format and contains no errors. A potential employer will be looking through many different resumes from other hopeful candidates looking for a job so you need to ensure that yours contains all the right information delivered clearly to help make it easier for the reader to find what they need quickly. It`s significant to understand there is a difference between network administrator resume and medical interpreter resume. The importance of making sure that your resume matches exactly to the advertised job is also crucial so that hiring managers can see almost straight away your suitability but it also draws them into fully reading your CV and supporting documents to get a better picture of the person they are reading about which will get you to that all important interview.

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This is why many people seek out a professional CV writer in Netherlands such as ours to assist them by delivering an outstanding resume which gets them noticed. We can supply you with a fully qualified writer who has many years of experience in producing a unique CV in Netherlands which is specifically targeted to each job being applied for. They are familiar with the whole application process and understand all the latest recruitment trends with links to HR department heads to keep up to date with what information is expected. They will quickly create a professional resume for you from scratch that will completely error free and make you seem the most attractive candidate from amongst all the other resumes they receive.

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The Dutch law on employment contracts offers employers a range of possibilities to flexibly engage employees. It enables employers to rapidly fill a temporary demand for labor. The possibilities of flexible engagement also make it possible to test the employees’ suitability before they are given an open-ended employment contract which may account for a low unemployment rate of only 6.9% of the total employable population.

“Getting interviews is hard work. It requires tenacity, persistence, determination, and courage to thrust yourself upon people, even if that doesn’t come naturally to you. No one likes being rejected. The sooner you face this reality and prepare for rejection, the sooner you will be able to find a job”.

Tony Beshara, author of Unbeatable Résumés

Do Your Writers Know How to Write a CV Netherlands?

We understand that when you need help to write a resume and use our services to receive one that the work should be done by someone that has a full understanding of the recruitment industry and is qualified to complete it. This is what makes us the best to provide the work for you as we only employ experienced and qualified experts that have been assisting people from all employment backgrounds for many years. We will always supply you with a CV writer in Netherlands that:

  • Is qualified to PhD or Master’s degree level relevant to your job application
  • Is a native English speaker
  • Understands all academic writing rules including plagiarism
  • Has many years of experienced at providing all forms of resume support which strengthen our range of services in The Netherlands to include all the larger places such as:
    • Amsterdam
    • Rotterdam
    • The Hague
    • Utrecht
    • Eindhoven
    • Tilburg

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Professional CV Writing Netherlands

It can be difficult for many people to get the balance right when trying to write their own resume and with so many different formats being used globally, it is hard to reconcile which type you should be using. The Netherlands CV format follows the standard of most other types, it is written with a clear, objective style, in chronological order and is usually just 1 page. While being more fact based, any reasons why you are looking for a job and your skills for the position should be mentioned in the cover letter, not the CV. Dutch companies also give a lot of importance to hobbies and other activities so these will need to be mentioned in the CV with an effort to relating them to the position (teamwork etc.)

Now the first battle is out of the way, actually finding a job is probably the hardest part. Online advertising boards are a major source of information and listings where many of the major companies all advertise their vacant positions. So, in order to help you further, we have included a list of the most popular:

  • Monster
  • Nationalevacaturebank
  • Career builder

Advantages of Having the Number One Resume Service Write for You

Writing a unique resume that is going to get you noticed is not something that unqualified people can do with any success. Our professional writers are highly skilled in delivering quality resumes that include a complete breakdown of essentially related skills and work summary with a proven track record and by using our highly specialized services, you will also benefit from:

  • 24/7 ordering and friendly customer support services which are fully confidential
  • Highly affordable services with flexible discounts
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • On-time delivery, guaranteed every time within your deadline
  • Unique and error-free writing carried out by professionals
  • 100% full satisfaction money back guarantee

By using our resume writing services in the Netherlands you give yourself the best chance of getting noticed and getting to the all-important interview stage so don’t delay, get in touch with our friendly support team now by clicking here.