marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

Why do the majority of people asked, reply that to write a resume is a simple matter of plus minus 25 minutes. Maybe because this very majority remembers the school class on resume writing when they were given the template of a standard resume, filled it out and the job was done.

Standard resume… Does it fit to the most non-standard positions which have flooded the market nowadays? Sales, Marketing specialists, Managers, CEOs, VPOs and tons of other roles that require the resume which can conquer a staffing manager and get through tight competition rounds.
A pity to say, but most participants end up at the first rounds when their resumes dreaming to get to a manager’s table simply rest in the Recycle Bin.

How do we change that? You sure agree that we need to change this, right?
My suggestion – brainstorm and brainstorm BEFORE WRITING.

Ease your resume writing process by placing several pieces of paper in front of you. Write the titles of different resume sections on each piece of paper (e.g. Education, Trainings, Employment history, Skills, Overview, Purpose, etc.). Every time when you remember something about you – either your achievement or a soft skill – you easily place it to the area needed.
In the end you will be able to simply correct, sort or combine the skills and experience to the mode needed (e.g. chronological order, alike skills, etc.).

Make each section a complete, interesting part to read WHICH WOULD GIVE DIRECT IDEA ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. I stress the word YOU because the idea of our service is to let anyone reading your resume clearly see who YOU are through the information presented, how you differ, what you have to lay on the table and offer to the potential employee. The days of boring, dry resumes are gradually going to the past and the times of special layouts, formatting, paper charisma are slowly getting in – use all of it to make yourself different and even more – make yourself selected among all the rest.

When each section is filled with maximum needed and interesting to read information, play with the papers – develop your own unique resume structure, see what information could be written in a smaller/bigger font, what needs to be underlined or highlighted in bold.

Play, have fun and think how it would be for you to enjoy your own resume.

Have your friends to take a quick look at the composed document – give them 3 seconds and ask what they think.

Does the document look attractive and worth spending another 5 seconds to be studied more closely? If not, ask what they would change.

It’s possible that your friends could contribute to the soft skills or other resume sections some beneficial things about you which you haven’t even thought about.

Brainstorm, play, enjoy, have fun and have your resume do its job!

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