marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

Never wait till you graduate from a university and then get your first job! It’s like with bearing a child – to start educating him/her the moment a baby gets born is already too late.

Before you graduate from a university, you need to have significant experience on your resume which would directly support your school specialization, your diploma.
Many students think of their first job as of the way to gain extra money, but we will teach you how to look at getting your first job from a different perspective.

I want to tell you my story, how it brought me personally to success at the time I graduated. Then you guys can each think for your own case and how you can benefit from my example.

My first work was for a farming campaign when I was at 10th grade. It taught me one very important skill – diligence! It went first on my resume. It was a simple 2 weeks’ paper work experience, but a very dedicated diligent work that helped the campaign to start. I felt the taste of work. I felt needed and important. But the main thing – I felt that I liked to work and on top of it all – I got money for the thing I enjoyed doing.

So as I mentioned “diligence” went first on my resume. Since that time I kept on adding every skill I learnt, experience I was getting, trainings I was taking to my profile.

I knew that to get a good job after graduation I need as many diploma related experience as possible, otherwise I would start from a very low pay. That is why I continued my hunting for diploma related experience as secretary assistant when I entered colleague.

In my second year I worked in university as translator/interpreter at the University International Department and finally at the 4th year was shortlisted for Recruiter position with a new company.

It was my success because before this start-up launched I gained all the skills needed – English, computer skills, soft skills, presentation skills, etc. All these achievements were supported by actual hands-on experience. I was able to provide references.

So, when I graduated I already had 2 years of experience working as a Staffing Specialist in a known company.

Many people will suggest students to get easy getting jobs like lifeguard, shop assistant, etc. but I am recommending you – get your future job related experience, something that will bring value on paper – on your resume.

Don’t waste time, every summer counts!

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