marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko
I knew it would be a busy Friday, but that it would be that busy I didn’t have a clue.
We had a customer for whom we needed to hire a team of IT professionals doing an off-shore project.
We were limited in time and knew that if we don’t staff the positions in time the project won’t start, bringing financial obligations to the company. And all this depending on a small person – me – one of the big IT Recruiters Team of the Company.
I remember working so hard the entire week. Managers sending enquiries all the time about the work progress. Candidates saying constant – “no, thanks, not looking for a job now”. Finally I decided to bring people on relocation.
It was 8.30 pm on Friday and I still was in the office. Managers were interviewing the last candidate who came all the way from another city to work his dream job. Suddenly the door opened and the two managers rushed into the room with eyes shining and saying energetically that we successfully staffed our planned vacancies and the project will be starting.
I didn’t know whether to smile or say something… I was just enjoying the time while looking at them being so happy to have the job done.
The candidate in the hall was shaking my hand saying that he’s looking forward to hearing from us soon concerning the start date and official offer and that he liked the project described very much and the hiring managers as well.
Soon the office was empty and quiet. I finished composing the job offer letters and filling out my Recruitment reports. Don’t remember the day when I felt so excited. It was my bingo day. Don’t think I felt tiredness through that success and memories of guys’ happy faces.
When I turned the chair towards a huge window a wonderful view of The City night life opened in front of me. I didn’t want to go home at all. Even though it was Friday, it felt like the beginning of Monday – all fresh and ready to hit the targets again (smile). I remember the thought that came to my mind – am I actually working or just have fun enjoy doing the things I like?
In 5 minutes I was all dressed, turned off the light and closed the door. I was smiling while leaving our Recruitment Department, because I already sensed the happy Monday, on which during our Scrum meeting the folks will hear my results – 2 vacancies filled in one day and 10 in a month. Interesting, but I was wrong (smile), except admiration in my colleagues’ faces, the recommendations from the managers
and thank you letters were waiting for me in the mail box of my Manager.
So, why and what do I like about it – my job? Communication, constant frank, tough, business communication and hires, hires, hires – happy faces of the people whose lives begin to change in a big city with the job opportunities that I bring to them.
I want you to smile. If you are in career search now, there is help present on finding the right job. We will assist you with the job search, resume make up and interview coaching. And your smile will inspire us to work next. I love my job!

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