marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

There are several cases that indicate your readiness to change jobs. Also there are several factors that should make you think of a job move. Let’s take a close look at them.

Let’s first consider the cases when you are ready to make a job move

You have worked in the same Company for about 5 years. It’s almost a rule in the US to change jobs every 5 years. But I disagree with it only in the case, if the company continues to invest in you and growing you as a professional. Stick with such a company and value it, because this way you will be able to significantly grow and become the best in your field as well as best paid too. On the other hand, changing job in this case can add a great value to your resume with those new skills in a new company.

You can extend your experience significantly and grow even at a faster paste if when you remained with your current employer.

From the other hand, you can work within the same company for even 2 years, but fully realize your skills. If you feel you have reached the level in your position and work becomes just a routine without new challenges and surprise factor – don’t think any more. Just do it. If you feel there is nowhere to grow, do it – start looking for other positions.

Now let’s analyze the cases when you may not be totally ready for the job move, but when you just need to seriously think about it –

When the company deliberately is not investing in your development: no trainings, courses, certificates are provided, or no new difficult tasks that require learning are given. This is a very, very bad sign for you and a lot to think about. Maybe it’s just a bad company. Then forget about it and find another position. But maybe the reason is in you, if you see that the company keeps investing in other people.

Try to look at the way you work and results you make. Maybe it’s time to undertake some significant changes…

When the team spirit is not appealing to you and you can’t fully open up to realize your talents and potential. It’s always a sign for a change. Either a job change or attitude change. Devote some time to meditate about it on your own and come up with a solution.

When the management is letting you down constantly – it’s either good to start thinking of a new position or of making that management to start rewarding you instead of brining you down. You see the job has to be successful. There is a saying “if it’s not fun, then you are doing it wrong”. Think about it.

Work is taking the major part of our day – 8 hours every day! We must enjoy it, better if we simply love it because in the end it’s just the time of our lives.

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