marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

Frankly speaking there are many things recruiters expect to see on your resume, but all they are aimed to make the resume look professional and read easy. Except the first impression and the first glances at the CV, I was always fascinated by the ability of high level people to describe their experience in precise, exact, short phrases which bring quality to the profile and outstand it from all the others. As your working history grows, you will be able to shorten your resume, yet the idea of your skills and experience will be bigger in picture.
One of the clients I worked with valued consistency and neatness in everything above all. I could say after seconds of looking at him taking a first glance at the resume if he’s more positive or more negative about what he sees and reads out of the profile.

Pay close attention to consistency in formatting. Don’t forget to have your main skills and qualification highlighted for the resume to read easier and look better.
Never omit the education section, because the recruiters will keep on looking for it on your resume. If you have no university degree, write in the education section that you only have High School diploma.
Recently I had a Sr. dotNet Developer on the interview who didn’t have the education part on his CV and it wasn’t clear until he go to the interview how he actually grew to such a high level of position in such a short time.
At the same time if you think it’s a good way to get an interview, think again.
Divide the summary section into two parts: soft skills (the skills you possess as a human being or were born with and that help you do your job better and in a more professional way) and hands-on experience.
The resume should breathe with the high standards of business language, professional language phrases. At the same time the language of the resume should be simple, no long sentences with unclear subject and object. Don’t confuse the readers. Keep it simple, but professional. Don’t know how? We’re here to help you do your resume!
It’s always good to include couple of short professional references (like you may see in the LinkedIn profiles) on the separate page attached to a resume, or at the bottom of the CV. If you have kind references, yet which characterize you in a positive and fun way, don’t hesitate – add them in!
Now, we got to the last requirement, which I personally, when it’s implemented, love to see on the resume. These are high class profiles which require talent and proactive approach. This is so unique, but is so nice to see on the CV: the resume should fountain with energy, ready-to-do or ready-to-help attitude, and initiative, ability to make progress, leadership and trust. Now, don’t overdo and don’t make it burst with all of it.
It’s great if you have such a profile. If not, try to order our resume services now. We’ll help you to have that dreamed CV which will bring you success and be on the top of the pack of others for many years to come.

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