Maybe most of the CV writers have never thought about the file format in which they are sending their resume to potential employer. Although it is very important to choose the right one, because depending on situation right-chosen variant can make your CV looking more attractive.

In general, there are 5 most widely used file formats:

  • doc

This is the format most CVs are created in. It has a great variety of opportunities for text editing, but program settings can vary on different computers, that’s why your document after CV submission can lose its initial appearance: margins can be moved and some fonts become unreadable.

  • docx

This is a newer version of Doc format, used in Word 2007. Some older versions of Word cannot open such document, unless there is special converting application on computer. That’s why it’s better not to tempt fate and save your document in doc. format.

  • rtf

Rich text format is accessible on all operating systems, including Mac and LINUX. That’s why it is the best variant among text formats: you never know on what computer you CV will be opened.

  • pdf

Portable document file saves your CV as an image, that’s why it will look the same in all computers, but there is no option of document edition. Word documents can be easily converted into pdf format (once and irreversible) by choosing appropriated format in option Save as.

  • txt

Quite inconvenient format without editing options. For such documents as CVs it is too simple.

Main role in choosing file format should play the person or company you’re sending your CV to. If you’re submitting it directly to employer, it’s better to use pdf format – it helps your CV look more professional and sophisticated. When your recipient is a very large company or headhunter your choice is doc or rtf format, because in that way your CV become visible for search engines and other programs, that convert your CV into appropriated format or find keywords. Such changes are often done with your CV in large companies.

Taking about the name of your document, CV editing services advice to use such format: name-surname-resume.format. So choose your format corresponding to our advice and just send it directly to the company of your dream!

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