marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

Maybe it will be shocking news for you, but I seldom remember myself spending more than 3 seconds on each resume I saw in my 4 years recruitment experience.

If I don’t see the skills’ matching words, relevant position titles and the resume is not formatted or not well-structured – it gets closed as quickly as it was opened.

Why?  Because all of it tells me – you just not care. But a secret is – if there are necessary skills on the resume, then it’s all I see and you get a call!

Analyze Each Job Posting You Apply For.

The resume should fit the position you are applying for. If we are talking about a “generic resume” for posting online, that’s one thing, but if you submit your profile to a specific opening, it must correspond with the skills required.

Remember 3 seconds? It’s just one glance in search of the required matching skills. Insert them if they are of your expertise and highlight them in bold. Then you automatically get another 5 seconds of recruiter’s attention to your profile.

  • Now, there are few basics you can’t leave on the side:
  • No carrier holes, it is always suspicious and both Recruiters and Hiring Managers hate them.
  • What you write has to be true, no fantasy, no invention.
  • Be at ease with what you write, you’ll have to talk about it.
  • Keep in mind your objective while writing. If you don’t have one, it’s time to know what you want.
  • Less than a minute resume so please, not a roman. Two pages are enough.

If you’ve had a lot of experience at one job, a chronological resume is good to show progression.

If you’ve had a lot of jobs, a functional resume is easier to read and digest. Skills can also be first if you have a diverse background.

  • No one wants details about what you did 20 years ago, nor what clubs you joined in school (if it was more than 5 years ago). The bulk of the space should be for the last 5-10 years.
  • Numbers, numbers, numbers. Quantify as much as you can so that the read can understand your scope of work and what you accomplished. Dig into your accomplishments! It may feel that you didn’t do anything extraordinary, that you simply did your job, but it’s just a matter of digging into the achievements you gain even though they didn’t seem like ones when you approached them. What seems an ordinary thing to do may seem like a ‘wow’ to a Hiring Manager who’s looking exactly for these things you were doing.

Recruiters don’t care about this section that much, but Hiring Managers love it.

Remember – 3 seconds, good structure, no mistakes and skills, skills, skills!!!

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