At the time of a new era of computer technologies, when most people communicate through World Wide Web and this communication isn’t just message exchange, but ability to see and hear your interlocutor in real time, it’s become natural to find an available vacancy, post resume and be invited to the interview through the power of Internet. Statistics indicates that 80% of jobs are filled through networking. On the other hand, development of information technologies became so widespread, that a new problem appeared: which one from all existing sites is worth paying attention to. Right choice can save job-seeker a plenty of time and make his/her resume visible for most potential employers. In this article we tried to find out the most effective sites for CV submitting and finding a new job.

From our point of view, the most effective variant is submitting your CV to The reason is simple: this web-site allows posting your resume on 60+ jobsites in 3 minutes, that saves your time greatly and makes your CV visible for 2 millions employers with confidence maintaining. Among other advantages of this site is receiving new vacancies per e-mail, when such appear on the Internet.

Taking about other sites, which provides high site reach, are:, and These sites are opened for the USA and Canada job-seekers and companies. Special free CV writing services allow creating your resume on-line or downloading several CVs and covering letters from your computer.

If you are on the stage of finding new job, it’s better to focus your attention on these sites (they are mentioned in order according to decreasing number of members):

  • Recruiter Earth
  • Jober Talk
  • Secrets of the Job Hunt
  • New Media Hire
  • Jobs in Social Media

All of them not only provide you with a number of vacancies, but give advice on CV writing and job finding.

P.S. One effective advice, which makes your CV visible for more employers: type white-colored key words of your position at the bottom of your CV in WordPad (or similar text editor). This trick helps search engines identify our resume.

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