There are top 5 positions for which in my opinion resume makes it all. Let’s take a close look –

Marketing & Sales Specialists

You guys gotta be extremely creative, precise, consistent, business like and fun. Don’t make the resume to be hard to choke down.

Why it makes it all? If you’re not able to present yourself, how will you be presenting the company? Recently I’ve seen the Company presentation done in the Power Point by one of our Sales Specialists. The more I was looking at his slides, the more driven I was becoming to take a look at his resume. Total non-diligence in work! Total!

So, do your homework! Prepare! Make your CV has a look of an expensive commercial and not a cheap one, that it’s fresh, glittering and selling.

As always – no mistakes, please. No lies, no confusing data and unclear sentences.

Heads & Executives

No need to be creative or fun here. Your CVs should first of all be well-organized and well-structured. They must contain maximum info, including your achievements at each working place. Make sure the references are attached, no need to be asked for ones. You will anyway be asked to provide them. Cover letter and thank you letter are must.

Secretaries (paper-work and data related specialists)

Of course we all work with data, but there are people who must be exclusively precise, because they work with customers and present data not only to the company, but also to the partners. Make sure your resume is filled with detailed easy-to-understand information. Make the information look solid and presentable. Double check the spelling. Have your friend take an extra look.

Healthcare Specialists

Now, this may look weird, but to me these people must have just perfect CVs. People who work with our bodies and fixing our health related problems just MUST be attentive to details and smart to have quality resume prepared. The CVs of such specialists must show high level of intelligence, seriousness and dedication.


The information on your resumes is the deciding factor in whether you get an interview invite or not. Very often these resumes are carefully studied without any extra calls. The Recruiter or a Hiring Manager knows after studying the resume whether you have chances or not and brings you in or forgets about you. For example, if you worked before in Agriculture sector or was involved in buying/selling land territories, it’s most likely these very spheres will want to see you on board and not for example IT or Healthcare industries, so don’t get upset if you are not invited to some of the interviews you counted on.

Despite the fact that only 5 positions are listed here, I am convinced that there is not a job where resume wouldn’t be important. It’s your visiting card. It tells SO much information about you before even the Manager gets a chance to see you on the interview. So, don’t walk past your chance to arrange a great resume for you today – order our services now!

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