marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

So many times the candidate walks in and I know “bang!” – no go! Take a look at the way recruiters think from the moment they see you till the moment they see you off.

Sin 1. Chewing gum

Take off anything that might disturb you from talking during the interview. If it doesn’t disturb you, remember that it might disturb the person who is talking to you. Avoid any emergencies that might follow the chewing procedure – like choking that will require the interviewer to recall his/her rescuing skills. Don’t make it a laugh. Don’t make it a disaster.

Sin 2. Not the fresh smell

Seriously! We had rather a skilled candidate rejected after the technical interview because it was hard to breathe around him. We even gave him a second chance and invited for another round, but we were so sorry eventually for doing that.

Sin 3. When you bring flowers or candies to the interview

Never, never do this! This is so uncomfortable for the person who is offered these. This is considered as a bribe and it lowers your hiring chances more than half! If you like the interviewer and want to thank her 🙂 for changing your life with the offer from this company, bring the flowers on your first working day. But please make sure they are modest flowers, not some extremely expensive bouquet from an exclusive flowers’ shop.

Sin 4. Sitting inappropriate

I will never forget that interview! If only I was there, it’d be fine, I’d forget about that candidate, but the Manager was there with me and that Manager was a woman! And he was a macho! Sitting with his legs wide…wide open right in front of her!!! I was ready to do harm to him! I could hardly wait till the end of the interview. Oh, never do that! Never, please!

Sin 5. Talking too much/not giving precise answers/answering cell phone during the interview

Don’t talk too much. It’s not a newspaper interview. Be precise in your answers, be specific. Not too short, but not long. If the interviewer makes attempts to ask another question, stop talking and listen! Don’t know what is short enough? Ask us to be trained on interviews. Always turn off your cell phone before entering the interview room. Even if you forgot to do it, just decline the incoming call and call after back the interview. Some candidates actually do, answer the phone! They actually speak for 1-2 minutes!!! If you do so, you just waste your time, and the recruiter’s time too. You will never be hired. Sorry!

Sin 6. Using curse words

No comments. Sorry. Why do you need the words which ruin you? I don’t mean that you don’t use them just during job interviews. Don’t use them ever! This is definitely not something to be proud about.

Sin 7. Don’t know basic Company info

Come in prepared. If you know nothing about the company, it tells me much how much you want the job. It tells me much about you as a person in general.

Think about it and –

Good luck!

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